Books and Reference

Books and Reference

Walking down Magick Alley one day, you turn a corner and at the end of the street appears a massive tower, where there was none before.  You stop and stare at the towering monument wondering at its purpose.  Built of rough hewn stone and flanked by Griffins, the tower soars to the clouds where you see vague shapes of large flying beasts darting in and out from the top, and disappearing into the clouds.

Above the doorway there is a sign that simply says,

Welcome to Liber Aerie!

Any who seek knowledge, enter within!

You decide to enter, curious to the types of books contained within.  Inside, you encounter walls and walls of new books, lining the shelves all along the circular staircase winding up and up into the heights.

As you peruse the books, you are suddenly met by a large beaked face with the body of a Lion flanked by massive wings.  It simply stares at you and you can feel its 'voice' within your head.


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