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2021 Master Wizard Award Winners!

The Grey School of Wizardry is proud to announce the winners of the Fifth annual Obie Awards!

As a school of Wizardry we like to recognize public figures who have exhibited visionary wisdom in works, who exemplify and portray the ideals of Wizardry as reflected in the lives and legends of those who have been regarded as Wizards throughout myth and history. Wizards who have inspired others to pursue a path of wisdom, and who have advanced the public understanding and acceptance of Wizardry in the modern world. By the same criteria we apply to famous Wizards of the past, we wish to honor selected modern figures for their distinguished service with this ancient title of respect: “Master Wizard.” This is a lifetime achievement award, and is given only once to any individual.

This award of recognition for “Master Wizard” is named in honor of renowned Wizard Oberon Zell, Founder and Headmaster of the Grey School of Wizardry. Oberon is an esteemed Elder in the worldwide magickal community, and he has been instrumental in the coalescence of the modern Earth Religion movement since the early 1960s, founding several significant organizations, alliances and publications. Oberon is the author of Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard (2004), Companion for the Apprentice Wizard (2006), A Wizard’s Bestiary (2006), and other books of myth, magick and Mysterie!

Without further ado, Lets announce our 2021 award winners!

For the Category of Science at the Edge the Winner is James Lovelock (The Gaia Hypothesis)

For the Category of Graphic Novels/Comics, the Winner is Alan Moore (Promethea)

For the Category of Television Portrayal—Wizard or Witch, the Winner is Colin O'Donoghue (Merlin's Apprentice on Netflix's "Wizards")

For the Category of Film Portrayal—Wizard, the Winner is Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter in Harry Potter movies—2001-2011)

For the Category of Visionaries, The Winner is Wim Hof (Methods have helped him show the world how to push the boundaries of human endurance using the power of breathing techniques and meditation)

For the Category of Visual Arts the Winner is Sage Lampros

For the Category of Film Portrayal—Witch The Winner is Helena Bonham Carter (Bellatrix LeStrange in Harry Potter movies—2007-2011)

For the Category of Magickal Literature, the Winners are Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman (Dragonlance)

For the Category of Illusion Magic, the Winner is Jeff McBride (World Renowned Magician and teacher)

For the Category of Bardic Arts, the Winner is Loreena McKennitt (Canadian singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who performs Celtic-inspired folk.)

For the Category of Film Production, the winner is Chris Columbus (Harry Potter; Percy Jackson)

Congratulations to all these fine Wizards and we here at GSW look forward to next year's Master Wizard Awards!


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