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April 2022 Grey Matters

The Grey Matters

April 2022

Table of Contents

1.) Welcome to New Instructor Puck

2.) Welcome to New Instructor Meridian

3.) GSW School Rings Available for Sale

4.) New Class Announcement: So You Want to be an Aqua Wizard?

5.) Refer-A-Friend Raffle Winners Announced

6.) Dean's List Recipients


Welcome to New Instructor Puck

By Provost Nicholas Kingsley

The Grey School of Wizardry is glad to introduce one of our newest team members, Instructor Puck!

Iago Ferraz Wild, or simply "Puck," is a Wizard residing in Brazil, leader of the Bode da Lunar Goat clan, fortune teller, writer, psychoanalyst and biologist (a frog music researcher!). Heathen, his way is oriented especially to Germanic Paganism, from which comes his philosophy, code of honor and his main style of magick: the Galdr.

Although his Gods took him to the North, he grew up with many references from Afro-Brazilian religions, gypsy culture, from his coexistence with native shamanism and from modern witchcraft/neopaganism, and so on. In his teens, he was the first Brazilian Apprentice at the Grey School of Wizardry, being Lodge prefect, and even serving as a part of the GSW staff after coming of age.

Today he has a public work in the Brazilian pagan community, sharing wisdom, uniting the community and fighting religious intolerance, always seeking to awaken the magick in people's hearts and remember the name of the Ancient Gods and Spirits.

Welcome to the GSW Team, we can't wait to see all that you accomplish!


Welcome to New Instructor Meridian

By Provost Kingsley

Please join me in a warm GSW Welcome for our newest member of Faculty, Instructor Meridian!

Meridian is a seasoned explorer of life's mysteries and wonders who has traveled the world over.

Born into the herbal healing traditions of the Navajo Nation, she traveled extensively while serving in the military (Military Police, Desert Storm Veteran). Her journeys led her to exploring the rich and fascinating study, as well as the practice, of Hoodoo in the American south.

As her Travels took her onward still, she found herself in Europe where she was able to engage with European witchcraft traditions, learning the craft in both Germany and England. While attending college in New York City, Meridian had the distinct honor of being initiated into one of the major Esoteric Orders of that fine city's rich history As a retired Police Officer, current educator specializing in working alongside children with learning disabilities, and being a devoted mother, Meridian is an example to others in patience, understanding, and service; Always taking the time to understand a problem and present a meaningful solution.

In addition to her love of people, Meridian is a lover of animals as well. With a passion for the equestrian arts, being a talented dog trainer as well as a licensed falconer, Meridian explores the deep and meaningful connections one can share with an animal companion in the most Wizardly of ways.

We're glad to have you here with us at GSW and look forward to all that you have to teach us!


GSW School Rings Available for Sale

By Magick Alley Staff

GSW School rings are now available for order! #RingintheSpring and show your school spirit with an official Grey School class ring! From 3/18/22 - 5/31/22 you can order your own Arcane Signet of Wizardry!

Designed by Headmaster Oberon Zell, and made of sterling silver, each ring features a round stone of your Wizard color, surrounded by the words "Grey School of Wizardry," with the Penkhaduce emblem on either side.

Place your order online now at


New Class Announcement: So You Want to be an Aqua Wizard?

By Dean Adservio

I am pleased to announce the addition of a brand-new class titled "So You Want to be an Aqua Wizard" at Level One in the Psychic Arts Department of the Grey School of Wizardry. This class introduces Apprentice Wizards and Magisters to important topics within the Psychic Arts Department, including the physical and clair-senses, subtle energy, meditation, trance states, and more. If you're an Apprentice or Magister looking for an introduction to this fascinating Department of Study, look no further.


Refer-A-Friend Raffle Winners Announced

By Dean Emrys Starhawk

Big congrats to our winners! Apprentice Arthur Kingsley, Apprentice Malachite Forestfoot, and Apprentice Prehenderevalexrunse I shall email you shortly with more information!


Dean's List Recipients

By Dean Adservio

As of the end of the Fall Term on the Spring Equinox in the year 2022 CE, the following apprentices have distinguished themselves through academic excellence and earned Dean's List nominations in at least three of their classes. By the power vested in the office of the Dean of Curriculum, I am pleased and honored to award these deserving individuals the honor of the Dean's List.

Their names are henceforth recorded here so that their achievement may be distinguished in perpetuity.

Apprentice Isis Nighthawk (Archeoastronomy 301, Ethics of the Dark Arts, Defense Against the Dark Arts 601: Saving the Day)

Apprentice KnuteTimson (Wizardry 100: Becoming an Apprentice, Core Energy Practices 101 A: Grounding and Centering, Colors of Magick)

Apprentice Macanrothaic (Defense Against the Dark Arts 101: Seeing into the Darkness, Core Energy Practices 102 D: Cleansing, Shielding, and Meditating, Don't Touch That!, Introduction to Magickal Practices)

Apprentice Phyrepharie (Mathemagics 251: Introduction to Vedic Math, The Pythagorean Mysteries, Labyrinths: Mathemagicks and Mystery, Physics 301: Mass, Force, and Waves)

Apprentice WISDMAWK (Core Energy Practices 102 D: Cleansing, Shielding, and Meditating, The Mythic Masculine, Introduction and Overview of the Chakra System, Introduction to Popular Astrological Systems, Colors of Magick, Meditation 201: The Magick of Your Nature)

Please join me in congratulating these hardworking wizards for their dedication and commitment to their studies!



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