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April 2023 Grey Matters

Grey Matters

April 2023

Table of Contents

1.) Welcome Instructor Paddock

2.) Synchronicity Waves

3.) In-Person Core Energy Practices Class

4.) New Class: Wizardry 102

5.) Monthly Class Spotlight

6.) A Review of the Wildwood Tarot

7.) Wortcunning Department Crossword


Welcome, Instructor Paddock!

By Headmaster Kingsley

Dear Grey School of Wizardry community,

We are thrilled to announce the addition of a new faculty member to our esteemed team, instructor Orresta Paddock!

Orresta Paddock is a high priest, diviner, and co-founder of the Trees of Light Grove in Upstate NY. As a devoted member of Hellenion, he has dedicated his life to the gods of Ancient Greece and Rome, seeking their guidance throughout his personal and spiritual journey.

For nearly a decade, Paddock has served as the leading minister and educator for the Trees of Light Grove, officiating rites of passage from birth to death. His deep compassion and desire to help others fuels his ongoing pursuit of knowledge and growth.

With training in various forms of energy work, Rev. Paddock is actively developing a new method of energy healing. He is also studying to recreate a reconstructionally accurate form of Roman augury, aiming to restore honor to this ancient tradition. As a member of Hellenion's Virtual Temple Council, he is dedicated to creating a historically accurate and accessible worship space for Hellenic pagans worldwide.

Paddock's expertise in both technology and religion allows him to adapt ancient wisdom to the modern world. As a student in the Pastoral Counseling and Chaplaincy department at Cherry Hill Seminary's Masters of Divinity program, he continues to explore ways to connect with others and help them find inner peace.

Having studied at the United States' only pagan and nature-centered graduate seminary, Paddock's diverse background and commitment to learning make him an invaluable asset to our community. We hope that his energy and compassion will have a positive impact here at our school.

Please join me in extending a warm welcome to Instructor Paddock as he begins his journey with us here at the Grey School of Wizardry!


Synchronicity Waves - A Deeper Look

By Headmaster Kingsley

In the quest for self-discovery and personal growth, it is essential to explore the hidden realms of our subconscious mind. Tapping into this inner world can provide invaluable insights that can transform our lives and enable us to help others more effectively. One powerful tool for accessing the messages our subconscious mind seeks to communicate is through Synchronicity Waves. These seemingly connected events and patterns can reveal crucial information about our desires, beliefs, and motivations.

In this post we shall delve into the fascinating world of Synchronicity Waves, examining their nature, origin, and significance in our lives. We will also explore the vital role our subconscious mind plays in shaping our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, and how we can better understand these influences by recognizing and interpreting Synchronicity Waves. Furthermore, we will discuss the importance of keeping a journal as a means to document and reflect on our experiences, ultimately fostering greater self-awareness and personal growth. </