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August 2022 Grey Matters

The Grey Matters

August 2022

Table of Contents

1.) Passing the Torch of Wizardry

2.) Two Wizards Talk Podcast Conclave Special

3.) GSW Apprentice Leadership Voting Now Live

4.) Level Up Certificates

5.) Candle-Side Chat 9/4/22

6.) "Introduction to Faerie"


Passing the Torch of Wizardry

By Provost Nicholas Kingsley

After his many years of wizened service, our School's founder, Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, has found a successor worthy of mantling the position of Leadership for this Prestigious School of Wizardry and Magick.

On November 26th, 5:00 PM EST at 123 Poultney ST Whitehall NY, the ceremonies will begin, leading ultimately to the the Torch of Wizardry being passed to Nicholas Kingsley as he takes up the vaunted position of Headmaster.

The Wizards of GSW invite you to Celebrate in-person and around the web as we begin this next exciting chapter in our School's history!

To join us in-person for the Passing of the Torch you'll need to RSVP at This is a Formal event and so we would ask attendees to dress in black tie/their formal regalia.

The festivities, ritual and revelry, will take place at the School's Physical Campus in Whitehall NY, though this location is subject to change should attendance warrant a more accommodating venue. Providing your Email in the RSVP form will ensure that you remain up-to-date on any last moment changes which may occur.


Two Wizards Talk Podcast Conclave Special

By Grey Matters Staff

Greetings and well met, one and all! If you missed this year's wonderful 2nd Annual GSW Conclave in Whitehall, NY, then never fear! You can join us in spirit and memory in this special episode of Two Wizards Talk, featuring notable guest Headmaster Oberon Zell-Ravenheart. From the culinary acumen of Provost Kingsley, to upcoming books, exciting classes and workshops, and the Passing of the Torch of Wizardry, you'll hear all about it just as if you were sitting next to us.


GSW Apprentice Leadership Voting Now Live

By Grey Matters Staff

Well met Wizards one and all!

The time has come to select our next Leadership Scabbard!

Head on over to and you will be presented with your voting form with each participant eligible to run listed in their appropriate categories. Select your choices with care and we all look forward to welcoming in our new Prefects and Captains after the election.

May the best Wizards win!


Level Up Certificates

By Grey Matters Staff

As a reminder. after finishing a level of study you may post a comment at to request your level-up certificate.


Candle-Side Chat 9/4/22

By Provost Nicholas Kingsley

Check out the recording of the Provost's most recent Candle-Side chat at


"Introduction to Faerie"

By Professor Ombra dell'Uragano

Sometimes we can't tell from the brief course descriptions in the course catalogue all that a class has to offer. I will be periodically offering more detailed descriptions of classes I teach, to better introduce you to the vast number of educational opportunities available to our apprentices!

Introducing: Introduction to Faerie (Lore Department)

Our world is full of unseen spirits inhabiting the realm of nature.

In this class you will learn about a few of the basic types of fae, and you will be invited to delve deeper, engaging in research on a faerie being of your own choosing.

You will be given the opportunity to explore the subject matter from an intuitive perspective in the form of a meditation. It is not uncommon for students to discover that the details revealed in such contemplation often match faerie descriptions of which they were previously unaware. Of course, the full spectrum of beings in the universe is undiscovered and who knows what new insights you might uncover!

Your capstone project involves maintaining a two-week journal to record your possible interactions with the spirits of your own land, recording your observations in as much detail as possible. Even if such details appear to be mundane, mastering the power of paying attention is an important wizardly skill that will reward you in your future magickal endeavors. Do not be worried that you might not receive definitive evidence of a paranormal entity (although unexpected discoveries are always a distinct possibility!). Fae are naturally mistrustful of humans and interactions must be approached with care, but the spirits of the land tend to respond favorably to humans who seek only to demonstrate an appreciation for the natural world. Your two weeks of intense observation will start you along this path, and apprentices are often delightfully surprised at what curiosities they notice about the world around them if only the effort is taken to stop and pay attention!

I look forward to accompanying you on this journey of discovery, wherein you will learn that the realm of beings with which we share the earth extend far beyond that which meets the eye.



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