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December 2021 Grey Matters

The Grey Matters

December 2021

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Table of Contents

1.) Candleside Chat with Provost Nicholas Kingsley

2.) "The Ides of Oberon" Pilot

3.) Magick Alley Updates

4.) vGSW December 2021 Moot Recording

5.) "Two Wizards Talk" Wizmas Special

6.) Magickal Music Playlist

7.) Level Up Certificates


Candleside Chat with Provost Nicholas Kingsley

By Grey Matters Staff

Join Provost Nicholas Kingsley for the First Candle-Side Chat of 2022!

In this Chat our Provost will be talking on Credit Card Processors affecting tuition payments, castle updates, Physical Class announcements, Plans for GSW in 22' and more!

Be sure to tune in and catch the latest live or watch the recording to keep in the loop!

Click here to be taken to the Facebook Event:


"The Ides of Oberon" Pilot

By Grey Matters Staff

Join Headmaster Oberon Zell and Provost Nicholas Kingsley for the pilot episode of the "Ides of Oberon" on it's new home here at GSW!

In this Episode our Headmaster and Provost discuss a myriad of interesting questions and quandaries put froth by Apprentices of the Grey School!

Find the video at


Magick Alley Updates

By Apprentice Arthur Kingsley, Magick Alley Manager

Greetings and well met honored Reader,

We hope that the day finds you in high spirits and good health.

Magick Alley has seen unprecedented growth in 2021 where not only were we able to expand our market base, but so too were we able to reach new heights regarding our relationship with the Apprentices from around the world. In 2021 MA was able to grow our stock of arcane goods, creating a safe online, pandemic free, shopping space for those seeking to explore what esoteric goods we have to offer.

This year we added:

School Robes, Belts, More Books - The Wizard and the Witch, Finding Happiness, Field Guide to Ghosts, Magus, Practical Spells, and Book 4, and not to mention a few GSW Video Lessons.

In addition to all this Magick alley is now the proud home of Grey Matters, our School Paper! This relationship has proven a great boon to not only the patrons of MA, but the readers of Grey Matters as well, bringing the best of both worlds into one convenient space!

We here at MA are committed to bringing the best magickal goods to our Wizarding Community at fair and affordable prices. Because of this we've been able to better build the bonds of community which all wizards strive to forge.

In 2022 MA has some BIG plans!

We will be adding to our vaunted store the following items: Wands, Amulets, Adult Lodge Badges (Psyche coming soon!), Psyche Scarves and Patches More reagents, More tomes, and even more arcane accouterments to our shelves to enhance the Wizarding experience of all those who patronize our potent goods. Who knows, perhaps we will even see Hats added to the Wizard's Wardrobe section, only time will tell!

We look forward to continuing our service in 2022 and as always...

Blessed Be!

~The Wizards of Magick Alley


vGSW December 2021 Moot Recording

By Apprentice Leadership

If you were unable to attend the December 2021 Moot on vGSW, our hardworking Apprentice Leadership team streamed it live and you can catch the recording on YouTube at


"Two Wizards Talk" Wizmas Special

By Grey Matters Staff

Season's greetings, all! We are pleased to share with you a special Wizmas episode of the Grey School's official podcast, "Two Wizards Talk," which is otherwise only available to enrolled Apprentices and Magisters at the moment. Please accept this humble gift from us to you and join our hosts, Dean of Curriculum Frater Adservio and Provost Nicholas Kingsley as they discuss their respective observations of the Long Night and the legend, reality, and egregore of Santa Claus, amongst other topics.


Magickal Music Playlist

By Dean of Students Emrhys Starhawk

Hey Apprentices don't forget that the Grey School has an official Spotify Playlist! Jam out to some magickal sounds while you study!


Changes to Credits Per Level

By Dean of Curriculum Frater Adservio

Greetings, Apprentices!

Pursuant to discussions with the Provost and in accordance with the vision provided by the Headmaster, the following adjustments will be made to the level requirements for the GSW Apprenticeship Program on 1/1/ 2022:

Level 1: 12 Credits (9 credits from required classes and 3 credits from electives)

Level 2: 26 Credits

Level 3: 26 Credits

Level 4: 26 Credits

Level 5: 26 Credits

Level 6: 26 Credits

Level 7: 26 Credits

The purpose of these changes is to streamline the experience of our Apprentices by encouraging swifter progress to level two of their studies. Currently, each level requires 24 completed credits. By halving the required credits at level 1 and dispersing the remainder across the other six levels of study, we will encourage apprentices to act with zeal and fervor to progress their studies and prevent burnout at the first level.

Going forward, an Apprentice at level one will be able to satisfy the requirements to advance to level two of their studies - and unlock even more magickal knowledge - merely by completing the required classes and one "So You Want to be a . . . Wizard" class from the Departments of Study.

Should you feel that you meet the requirements to advance to level two but the system has not done so, please post on the forums at


Level Up Certificates

By Grey Matters Staff

The GSW is happy to again offer Level Up Certificates as physical tokens to mark the achievements and hard work of our Apprentices who complete a level of their studies. To request current or previous certificates that you have earned, please leave a request on the forums at



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