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December 2022 Grey Matters

Updated: Jan 9

Grey Matters

December 2022

Table of Contents

1.) 2023 Physical Classes

2.) Dark Arts Department Update

3.) New Dean of Faculty

4.) New Dean of Students

5.) Monthly Class Spotlight

6.) Magickal Practice Dept Crossword

7.) January 2023 Astrology Overview

8.) Candle-Side Chat January 2023


2023 Physical Classes

By Grey Matters Staff

The GSW Cottage where Apprentices are lodged

Five classes have been selected to be offered in 2023 at GSW's Physical Campus in Whitehall, NY. These include core requirements for all Apprentices such as "Wizardry 100: Becoming an Apprentice" as well as others.

Completing classes in-person offers a great way to accelerate your learning by completing them in just a few days, a chance to deepen your knowledge by providing opportunities for real-time and in-person communication with your instructor, and facilitates subjects that can be challenging to learn at a distance.

Because of the success of GSW's fundraisisng drive in 2022, these classes are offered at a discounted tuition of $200 each (regularly $250) and include lodging.

You will find a complete roster of the available classes, their dates, and signup instructions on the Forums at


Dark Arts Department Update

By Grey Matters Staff