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February 2020 Grey Matters

February 2020 Grey Matters

The Grey Matters

Table of Contents Getting to Know Your Departments The Runic Artwork of Apprentice Julie Alexandra Beneath the Covers with Apprentice Apollinaris Apprentice Leadership Elections A Chance to Serve

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Getting To Know Your Departments

By Your Apprentice Leadership

For this series of articles, our goal is to interview the faculty associated with the 16 departments of Grey School. We will try to conduct these interviews during the conclaves that occur throughout the year. The hope is to connect our apprentice body with the Departments in which they study, and the faculty that enable them to learn and grow as Wizards. Our interviews will come from baseline questions and those provided by the apprentice body, either through being present at the conclave, or through the forums beforehand.

For the Imbolc Conclave, we had the amazing opportunity to interview the GSW Dean of Mathemagicks and Cosmology, our Head Of Lodges and Journeywoman Wizard - Dean Xenia Dragonseye.

* * *

Prefect (P): In your own words, what are the foci of your departments as they pertain to Wizardry?

Dean Dragonseye (D): Cosmology and Math are both exciting because they explore measurable yet invisible forces in nature. For example, we use x-rays in Cosmology to view black holes.

P: What classes for the more experienced apprentice wizards?

D: In Math, I highly recommend the Sacred Geometry class. It involves using a compass to create Golden Rectangles. It is an amazing practice.

P: Are there any new classes coming in the department that you are willing to talk about?

D: No, not right now. There are no new classes in the works in my departments.

P: Are the faculty in your department Collaborative or more Solitary?

D: We are in general more solitary, however occasionally we do collaborate.

P: Who else do you collaborate with?

D: I collaborated with the former Dean of Mathemagicks, Elthadrail, to improve one of the lower level math courses. I think it was Arithmetic.

P: How can they translate those skills into the Mundane World?

D: I use statistics to analyze a huge amount of da