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Grey Matters Special Edition: Dean Arakeane's Retirement

Well met Wizards one and all, I hope that this spooky evening finds you all in high spirits and fine health!

After over a Decade of devoted and Wizardly service to our School, our very own Arakeane is stepping down from his role as the Dean of Dark arts to better serve his health and to spend more time with his loving family.

Over the course of my time here at GSW, both as a Learner and as a Teacher, Lector Arakeane has been a source of inspiration, guidance, reassurance and tremendous insight. Not only is he a fantastic teacher, but so too is he a wonderful Wizard. In the course of his over a Decade of Service Arakeane has shaped the minds of Hundreds of Wizards, granting them keen knowledge of the esoteric topics he teaches.

While the Dark Arts Department is now in the steady hands of Dean Shadowfox, of whom we will no doubt see great things, Laurence "Arakeane" Shirley will long be remembered as a grand contributor to, and guide of, the mysteries such a mysterious department holds.

To commemorate his Years of Service to GSW, A gold pocket-watch bearing his name and highest honors earned at GSW will be awarded to him as well as a plaque on the physical grounds bearing his name once an appropriate area is selected.

Luckily for us, now Lector Arakeane will still be about our hallowed virtual halls to offer his wisdom and insights into the Dark Arts, as well as participate in other GSW Activities and Festivities. We look forward to rumored plans concerning a very interesting interview series with the Master Wizard presented by Grey Matters some time early next year... I for one can't wait! Congratulations to you Sir on a most Wizardly career as well as a most deserved retirement! That said, we also look forward to all you yet have to offer!


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