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January 2022 Grey Matters

The Grey Matters

January 2022

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Happy New Year!


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How to Submit Images in Assignments

Ides of Oberon Episode 2


Happy New Years!

By Grey Matters Staff

Greetings, Apprentices one and all!

Another cycle of the wheel of the year has turned, and we are once again at the time of reflection, planning, and optimism for the future. True, there have been hardships in the past and there will assuredly be challenges in the future, but we are Wizards and we will surely rise to any occasion.

What does the future of 2022 hold in store? Well, I'm glad you asked. As just a small selection, we will have:

  1. New classes

  2. A streamlined credit requirement at level one to allow Apprentices to delve quickly into some really interesting classes

  3. Classes at the physical campus

  4. A Conclave at the physical campus

  5. An expanded inventory in Magick Alley

  6. More classes offered on Zoom and SecondLife

  7. More podcast episodes for the Ides of Oberon and Two Wizards Talk programs

Plus, there will surely be more besides. Make sure to stay tuned to the GSW Forums, GSW Facebook Group, Grey Matters, and/or the GSW Discord Server so that you'll be in the know.

Happy New Year!



By Provost Nicholas Kingsley

So, you’ve taken your first steps in becoming a Wizard. You might be left wondering what to do next. Physical objects like hats and wands are easy to understand, though Wizardry is so much more than just a few trinkets.

The Path of Wizardry can be a trying one. Wizards are, when it gets right down to it, servants. Service is a major cornerstone of the philosophy and so if you’re thinking “But I wanted to make people do what I say and shoot fireballs from my eyes” I have some bad news for you. However, if you are still undeterred and you feel a calling to build lasting, positive change in the communities and structures you are a part of, you’re in the right place.