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January 2022 Grey Matters

The Grey Matters

January 2022

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Happy New Year!


Support GSW on Amazon

GSW ID Cards Returning

Wand Giveaway Complete

How to Submit Images in Assignments

Ides of Oberon Episode 2


Happy New Years!

By Grey Matters Staff

Greetings, Apprentices one and all!

Another cycle of the wheel of the year has turned, and we are once again at the time of reflection, planning, and optimism for the future. True, there have been hardships in the past and there will assuredly be challenges in the future, but we are Wizards and we will surely rise to any occasion.

What does the future of 2022 hold in store? Well, I'm glad you asked. As just a small selection, we will have:

  1. New classes

  2. A streamlined credit requirement at level one to allow Apprentices to delve quickly into some really interesting classes

  3. Classes at the physical campus

  4. A Conclave at the physical campus

  5. An expanded inventory in Magick Alley

  6. More classes offered on Zoom and SecondLife

  7. More podcast episodes for the Ides of Oberon and Two Wizards Talk programs

Plus, there will surely be more besides. Make sure to stay tuned to the GSW Forums, GSW Facebook Group, Grey Matters, and/or the GSW Discord Server so that you'll be in the know.

Happy New Year!



By Provost Nicholas Kingsley

So, you’ve taken your first steps in becoming a Wizard. You might be left wondering what to do next. Physical objects like hats and wands are easy to understand, though Wizardry is so much more than just a few trinkets.

The Path of Wizardry can be a trying one. Wizards are, when it gets right down to it, servants. Service is a major cornerstone of the philosophy and so if you’re thinking “But I wanted to make people do what I say and shoot fireballs from my eyes” I have some bad news for you. However, if you are still undeterred and you feel a calling to build lasting, positive change in the communities and structures you are a part of, you’re in the right place.

Before you can truly claim to take part in a thing, you must be willing to experience it fully, and that means understanding your title. You, at the very moment you enrolled, went from “Wizard-to-be” to “Wizard-who-is!” Confused? Not to worry, as one of your Professors I am happy to explain. You see, you have now become an Apprentice Wizard. You’ve taken the first steps to dedicating yourself to learning the Wizard’s trade. But, what is an Apprentice? Webster’s defines an Apprentice as “one who is learning by practical experience under skilled workers of a trade, art, or calling”

This is exactly what you will be doing in your classes here at Grey School.

We don’t have students who take notes and simply regurgitate information for tests, our students are Apprentice Wizards. But, what makes an Apprentice different from your run-of-the-mill student?

Apprentice Wizards are individuals dedicated to not only learning what is on the page before them but who are equally interested in taking that information out into the world and using it. Through the lessons of your apprenticeship, you will craft tools, both physical and metaphorical, to help you face and overcome the adversities that you will encounter in the world. As you go through your levels here at GSW, you will discover things about the world, magick, and perhaps even about yourself. These discoveries will give you power, each packet of information empowering your agency to change and shape the world.

This process, is what it means to be an Apprentice.

So, Apprentice Wizard, use your title with pride! Use it on the Forums, in your assignments, heck use it on your job applications and city council meetings! If nothing else it will start a conversation, and with each conversation a new opportunity to change the world is born.


Support GSW On Amazon

By Provost Kingsley

Of course Magick Alley is our first stop whenever looking for goods for our classes, although when they don't have what one requ,res it's a good bet that it can be found on Amazon.

When doing your shopping there, remember that your purchases of arcane ramen noodles and humorously shaped lamps can be supporting your School!

Use this link to GSW's Amazon Smile and Support the Grey School while you shop:


GSW ID Cards Returning

By Dean Emrys Starhawk

Good news everyone! The Grey School has an account once more that will allow you to buy official school IDs! Not only is this a great way to share your membership with our school but the showing of your ID entitles you to discounts through the vendors on our Ouroborus list. I'm currently hard at working coming up with the new designs. Apprentices, Magisters, Journeymen, and Faculty will all have unique themes for their cards. Stay tuned for more information as I will share the link to the ID cards for order as soon as they are finished and ready for purchase!


Wand Giveaway Complete

By Grey Matters Staff

To drum up interest for Magick Alley's forthcoming line of wands, Provost Nicholas Kingsley recently held a challenge on the forums, with the winner receiving a handsome handmade wand from the Provost himself. Out of more than a dozen entries, Apprentice Knute Timson won the prize and received the wand in question! Congratulations!


How To Submit Images in Assignments

By Dean Adservio

Greetings, Apprentices! As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words, so it is only natural to include a well-chosen picture or two in your assignments (though you still have to meet the word count, if there is one). If you are including images in an assignment, please do so by uploading your pictures on the GSW Forum at and including a link in the assignment you submit for grading. This will help to make sure your images get to your instructor easily and in a timely manner.


Ides of Oberon Episode 2

By Grey Matters Staff

The latest episode of the Ides of Oberon podcast is now available at:

Make sure to tune in for lively discussions and Q&A sessions with our own Headmaster Oberon.



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