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July 2021 Grey Matters

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

The Grey Matters

July 2021

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Table of Contents

1.) Tribute to Master Technomage Mama Maureen

2.) Changes to the Forum

3.) New "Night Owl" Club Proposed

4.) Headmaster Oberon's 2021 Conclave Q&A

5.) Headmaster Oberon's 2021 Conclave Lecture

Photo by Dakota Roos on Unsplash 6.) Merits Earned at Conclave

7.) July Candle-Side Chat

8.) The Fine Line Between Ego and Our . True Nature

9.) Physical Classes at GSW


Tribute to Master Technomage Mama Maureen

By Provost Kingsley

Well met Wizards one and all,

The Grey School would like to take the time to recognize the hard work and contributions of our talented Master Technomage, Mama Maureen. She works diligently behind the scenes to make sure that each of us is able to enjoy the wonderful world of Wizardry that we've cultivated here at GSW. Amongst her peers, she is known to be a cunning intellectual, a remarkable Technomage, and an inspirational woman. While her accolades are far too many to list here, we believe her character is shown best in the fact that she has always hastened to our aid when the GSW needs her. It is thanks to her diligence and expertise that we have been able to weather several past technological crises as well as more current ones. In fact, just recently the site encountered an error and our Technomage was already on the case before the phone could be picked up. In these acts of Service, Maureen distinguishes herself as not only a true Technomage, but also as a Master Wizard.

Her indomitable nature has proven a boon to the growth and success of the school she cares so much about.

On behalf of the Wizards of the Grey School, thank you.


Changes to the Forum

By Dean Adservio

Greetings, all! You may notice some changes to the GSW forums, effective immediately. If you happen to notice that you can no longer view posts on the forums, fear not - there is a simple solution. Just follow the steps outlined in the image below. Never fear, for though it says that you are signing up for a subscription there is no extra cost to you.

This MUST be done before the 1st of August. If not, you will lose access to the forums until the next time your tuition is paid.


New "Night Owl" Club Proposed

By Grey Matters Staff

A new "Night Owl" club has been proposed by Apprentice Avallach, dedicated to providing opportunities to apprentices who find themselves only able to get on vGSW later in the evenings. If you're interested, please visit the forums at and make your support known.


Headmaster Oberon's 2021 Conclave Q&A

By Grey Matters Staff

Did you miss Headmaster Oberon Zell's Live Q&A During our 2021 Conclave? Well no worries, a free recording of the enlightening session is available here for those Enrolled!


Headmaster Oberon's 2021 Conclave Lecture

By Grey Matters Staff

Headmaster Oberon Zell's Recent Lecture during the 2021 Summer Conclave is now Available for those who missed it live!

If you're currently Enrolled at Grey School you can find the video here:

If You are not Currently Enrolled you can find the Video on Magick Alley:


Merits Earned At Conclave!

By Provost Kingsley

A big Round of Applause for the Following Apprentices who Earned their Lodges some Major Merits during our 2021 Summer Conclave!

Winds Lodge: Apprentice Flora Rose Earned Her Lodge Seventeen Merits! (+5 For taking initiative and Wizardly Service, helping our Conclave Organizers with Dishes Every day! +6 for Participating in an In-person Grey School overnight Event, +5 for Attending five Workshops/Magickal Classes, +1 for taking part in a GSW Ritual.

Apprentice Arthur Kingsley Earned His Lodge Eleven Merits! (+2 for helping to Organize the 2021 Conclave, +6 for Participating in an In-person Grey School overnight Event, +2 for Attending two Workshops/Magickal Classes, +1 for taking part in a GSW Ritual.)

Flames Lodge: Captain Lazulifire Earned His Lodge Fourteen Merits! (+2 for presenting a talk on Apprentice Leadership, +6 for Participating in an In-person Grey School overnight Event, +5 for Attending five Workshops/Magickal Classes, +1 for taking part in a GSW Ritual.)

Stones Lodge : Apprentice Ulfblod Earned His Lodge Twelve Merits! (+6 for Participating in an In-person Grey School overnight Event, +5 for Attending five Workshops/Magickal Classes, +1 for taking part in a GSW Ritual.)


July Candle-Side Chat

By Grey Matters Staff

Join Provost Kingsley in this recording of his monthly Candle-Side Chat and stay in the loop of happenings here at GSW. In this video, you'll hear about upcoming physical classess offered by GSW, tuition increases, and more.


The Fine Line between Ego and Our True Nature

By Dean Ambika Devi

I teach intuition. It is my belief that intuition is an integral element in our true nature and that it has been trained out of the majority of people through domestication. I also believe that the most direct path to connecting with your intuition is a steady meditation practice. When teaching meditation I realize that I am awakening memories rather than inserting new information. Approaching teaching in this way creates what I perceive as a more grounded understanding of this gift.

You might have explored the chakras in search of ways to tap into your intuition. Many associate the idea of thought and consciousness with the Ajña Chakra आज्ञा चक्र known in English as the Third Eye. It is more correct to realize that consciousness is anchored in Vishuddha Chakra वि शद्ध चक्र ु also called the Throat Chakra. Therefore the words we speak circulate back into our consciousness.

Intuition is a destination we reach by climbing the ladder of meditation. It cannot be rushed. Instead we must persistently practice in order to incrementally advance.

It is important for us to be able to identify the difference between ego-mind information and true intuition. I prefer to teach my clients and students how to identify through their senses first so that they can proficiently withdraw from sensory input in order to successfully connect with their intuition.

We might have created deeply grooved patterns in our thinking that derail us from intuition. To change this I urge you to have a look at the words and phrases that you use often when describing yourself. Examine statements that use, "I always," or, "I never," to get a sense of these patterns. If you feel challenged to spot these ask a friend to give you feedback on this. Then take your time and be gentle with yourself when you see them clearly.

Being able to identify and sort through sensations is a matter for the Third Chakra, Manipura Chakra मणि पर चक्र ू as this is where we possess the power of discernment. In order to be able to determine the difference between ego-driven-constructs and true information coming through intuition we must be patient and persistent.

The ego-mind is strong and wants to be in control. Quieting its incessant chatter can only take place in the deep calm of the state of meditation. How then can we identify the difference between truth messages and mind-chatter? The only way is through steady practice and testing the information received.

Here is something you can try from my book, Unfolding Happiness:

Stop whatever you are doing. Turn your phone off for a few minutes and free your arms. Perhaps jump up and down and let the body shake out in no particular way. Maybe your voice wants to make noise.

Now stand where you are and become perfectly still. Close your eyes. Connect to the vastness of infinite space. Instantaneously you are able to tune into the sounds of birds and insects. Feel the sensation of the air upon your skin. Notice the moisture within the mouth and the taste of the saliva. Let the smell of earth and flowers dance in your nostrils.

What does the environment sound like now? What does the expression on your face feel like? Just be absolutely still and see where this takes you. Perhaps the body begins to move and dance or shake. Maybe you will yell or cry or smile. There is no right or wrong. This is an opportunity to let go of the mind and just observe, as if you are viewing someone else.

Once you find yourself still again, tune into your breath and perhaps even your heart beating. In the silent spaces at the top of your breath when the lungs fill to capacity, do you notice any sensation? At the bottom of your breath when the belly draws in, what are you feeling?

Slowly open the eyes and begin to take in the environment surrounding you. At first there is just a little light seeping into your awareness. Then, as the eyelids gently open, you are greeted with a flood of shapes and colors. Notice how the light of the sun brightens the hues of the plants and trees, and how in this moment there is beauty in you and everything around you. What are the sensations?

Try experiencing the cosmic components of the universe. Begin with a morning walk before sunrise. Look into the sky and take in the elements of space, with stars twinkling. Notice how the sounds of nature are abundant at this time of the day and how the chorus of birds begins to sing. If you are near water, listen to the changes in the sound of it, whether you are at the shore and hearing waves crashing, or by a creek listening to the trickling sound dancing across stones or pebbles. What does the morning air feel and taste like? When the sun begins to appear, it fills the vast emptiness of space with the fire element rising in the sky.

This is a very humble yoga exercise that tunes us into the wisdom of Ayurveda. This simple practice is a taste of meditation. By bringing our awareness to a focal point, it shows us our ability to be in the present moment. This in turn points out that everything we need to feel good and to be happy is already inside of us.

The qualities of these impressions determine the quality of our thoughts and feelings. We experience the world through the five sensory organs attached to our corresponding senses all at the physical level of our being. These same senses and sensory organs are also associated with five elements and five motor organs.

A simple exercise like this can help you get in touch with all of your senses. Now that you can identify them it is going to be a lot easier for you to withdraw from them. This is going to increase your level of happiness and strengthen your ability to be an observer of energy. When we can truly observe without becoming involved then we are able to receive true messages of intuition.


Physical Classes at GSW

By Provost Kingsley

Have you heard the news?

The Grey School will be offering in person classes at our Physical Campus, starting spring 2022!

Physical Classes will take on average 2-3 days to complete offering Apprentices and Magisters alike an opportunity to truly immerse themselves in the lesson material. In addition to a place to sleep, food to eat, and the occasional game of chess, those enrolled in classes at the Physical Campus will have access to an impressive nine acres of hilltop conclave ground to explore and connect with the natural world between classes.

These courses are an excellent opportunity to quickly finish specific classes, gain an additional credit for the class, and take a more indepth look at subject material. Not only this, our Physical Classes offer Apprentices and Magisters alike an opportunity to participate in hands on learning and make lasting bonds with their classmates.

In an effort to keep the experience of in person learning as accessible as possible, classes will cost $250 with no additional fees for room and board. Specific classes may require those enrolling to bring certain reagents, though the school will endeavor to ensure that the basics for most arcane activities are close at hand. It is also important to note that while we are currently pursuing a larger physical space to accommodate more Apprentices and Magisters, the current max size of a class is Four, not including the teacher.

In the coming days a section will be added to the GSW handbook explaining more about physical classes, how they work, their benefits, and how to enroll in them.

We're excited to be taking this next step in Esoteric Education and glad to be able to share in these exciting times with each of you.

If you're currently enrolled, Be sure to keep an eye on the forums for Physical Class Sign-ups coming soon!


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