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June 2024 Grey Matters

Grey Matters

June 2024

Table of Contents

1.) Conclave Vendor Applications Open

2.) Berserker

3.) Two Wizards Talk New Episode

4.) Candle-Side Chat

5.) Class Review

6.) June Astrological Forecast

7.) Crossword


Conclave 2024 Vendor Applications Open

By Headmaster Kingsley

I am delighted to share some exciting news about this year's School Conclave. For the very first time, we will be featuring a vendor at the event! My Groundskeeper, Perkins, and I have been diligently working on our 9-acre woods to create a special area we're calling "The Market." If you're interested in vending at this year's conclave please reach out to us via Email at

The Market will include a spot for setting bags and supplies, a cozy woodland vendor stall, and a space for our outdoor kitchen setup. Although I don't have pictures to share today due to the weather, we will have some to show you soon!

This new space will add a wonderful dimension to our Conclave grounds and the whole experience, offering a space for us all to enjoy. Stay tuned for more updates, and get ready for an exciting and memorable 2024 Conclave!


Berserker: A New Game on vGSW

By Headmaster Kingsley

Well met, Wizards one and all,

As always I hope that the day finds you in high spirits and in good health!

Captain Ari Bertine and myself, alongside our wonderful Dean of Students, Dean Caryn Kayser, are thrilled to introduce GSW to Berserker, a game on our Virtual Campus in Second Life.

This Wizardly game of strategy has become a favorite of those who frequent the virtual campus, so much so that we've decided to formally include it's play in our termly operations.


Two Wizards Talk Season 3 Episode 4

By Grey Matters Staff

Join your Dean of Curriculum and Headmaster for "Storytime with Dean Meighen" as he recounts a few instances of encounters with "children of the night" in his career as a Black Wizard and paranormal investigator.


Candle-Side Chat

By Grey Matters Staff

Be sure to tune into the next Candle-Side Chat with Headmaster Kingsley so you'll be in the know for the latest happenings at GSW.


Class Review: Sticks and Stones - Divination by Earth

By Apprentice Selah Nyx

THAT is my very first geomantic chart, often called a shield. I have submitted it as part of my final essay for the Geomancy class, Sticks and Stones: Divination by Earth, and I’m excited to share a bit about what I’ve learned.

A little history first…

While the word itself is derived from the Greek language — GE, meaning earth, and MANTEIA, meaning divination or prophecy — it has a long and well-traveled history that spans the globe.

Originating in Arabia, this unique divinatory method works by making lines of random dots in sand or soil. The dots are then counted and “scored” as odd or even, and the process begins again. Eventually, these scores (dots) reveal geomantic figures that are then used to decipher divine or universal wisdom.

While this particular practice continues today in its original form, geomancy now also includes a variety of alternative tools such as seeds, beads, and even a series of trigrams that resemble I Ching. It’s also worth noting that another meaning of geomancy is the divination of omens by reading naturally occurring patterns on rocks and in the soil.

Interestingly, I had not heard of Geomancy before taking this class and I know what you’re thinking — “But Selah, you LOVE divination! How is that even possible?”

How, indeed…

Geomancy was widely popular in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East during early modern times, despite being explicitly forbidden during the Renaissance.

A small amount of online digging reveals that this very ancient divination method continues to have a loyal following, with modern-day practitioners utilizing it for everything from traditional predictive readings and simple yes/no questions, to in-depth (and complex) pathworking journeys. Meaning geomancy can go just as “deep” as other divinatory methods, astrology included.

In fact, those geomantic figures have distinct astrological connections built right in. I’m still learning how to incorporate these deeper meanings, but it’s exciting to know the hidden layers are there.

Now, about that reading…

So how did I create my chart? Popsicles!

I painted four popsicle sticks, each a different color, and then coded both sides with dots (don’t worry, Dean Meighen explains everything when you take the class.). I then asked my question, and “threw” the sticks a series of times, noting the dots showing for each color. (This is important, by the way — those colors have significance to the creation of the figures.)

These throws generate your first four figures; all subsequent figures are created from that initial group. Confused? Don’t be — it’s actually easier than it might sound and (in my opinion) a little therapeutic to boot. And again, Dean Meighen explains it all.

My question for the reading had to do with how my career might evolve, and the result reveals quite a bit of insight! My “judge” (the bottom, central figure) suggests change for example, and we’re talking about change that’s potentially ongoing, meaning that I’m in for a bit of a ride.

To the left (influence, future), I’ve got Caput Draconis, the “head of the dragon,” and this suggests new beginnings. To the right (past, querent) is Laetitia, meaning joy. So a quick interpretation might be that to find what I seek, I’ll have to make changes… but things might get bumpy along the way.

Now, the thing about geomancy is that, like astrology, we’re just getting started. Each one of those figures on my shield offers more insight; it’s up to me to piece together the story, and I love that. Digging deeper is usually where we find the good stuff.

Another thing I loved about this class is that I made my own tool to divine with. I painted the popsicle sticks and drew the dots, all against the backdrop of my favorite 80s music and some serious magickal intentions. I find sessions like this to be very energetically “charged” and typically get good results from the workings.

Overall, I highly recommend this class and hope to see advanced courses in the future. Have you taken this class? I’d love to hear what you thought!

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June 2024 Astrological Forecast

By Grey Matters Staff

As we sail into the latter half of 2024, the celestial tides are turning, promising a fresh and dynamic landscape. Expansive Jupiter, the cosmic influencer of our hopes, dreams, and growth, has now taken residence in the breezy sign of Gemini as of May 25, where it will remain until June 9, 2025.

Previously, Jupiter's journey through Taurus from May 16, 2023, to May 25, 2024, anchored our focus on themes of economy, stability, and ownership. Taurus, ruling the throat, saw outspoken Jupiter amplifying our voices—no wonder protests dominated the headlines.

But can we evolve from shouting at each other to engaging in meaningful dialogue?

With Jupiter now in Gemini, the sign of communication, there's a greater potential for that shift. While true progress requires active listening, truth-seeker Jupiter in “twinning is winning” Gemini encourages us to open our ears to diverse perspectives. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Though Jupiter is in its "detriment" in Gemini, akin to squeezing into too-tight shoes, this celestial giant is unstoppable. As it navigates Gemini, which governs local affairs, expect our communities to become vital microcosms of the broader world, demanding our attention.

The spring season saw a heavy influence from Aries and Taurus, making the transition to airy Gemini a refreshing change. Jupiter’s extended stay is complemented by the Sun in Gemini until June 20, Venus in Gemini until June 17, the Gemini new moon on June 6, and Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) from June 3 to 17.

Prepare for a flurry of conversations, negotiations, and exchanges. However, be cautious around June 11, when intense Pluto in Aquarius squares off with combative Mars in stubborn Taurus, potentially igniting conflicts.

Cancer season kicks off mid-month with the summer solstice, bringing a wave of emotional and nurturing energy. This period is ideal for reconnecting with home and family.

Simultaneously, don’t lose sight of your broader ambitions. June 21 heralds the first of two rare Capricorn full moons, offering a midyear checkpoint for your New Year’s resolutions. Reflect on your progress since the January 11 Capricorn new moon and prepare for another Capricorn full moon on July 21. These dates bookend a window to achieve significant strides in your projects or professional goals.

From June 29 to November 15, Saturn's retrograde through dreamy Pisces may tempt you with distractions and energy drains. To stay on track, prioritize your goals and maintain laser focus on the details. The key takeaway for your June 2024 horoscope? Less is more!

Embrace the changes, listen deeply, and keep your eyes on the prize. Here’s to navigating the cosmic currents with grace and wisdom!


GSW Wizardly Perspective and Critical Thinking Crossword

By Grey Matters Staff

This month's crossword focuses on the Wizardly skills of perception, perspective, and critical thinking. In need of a refresher? Check out the classes Wizardry 101 and Wizardry 102!

Or download a PDF:

GSW Wizardly Perspective Crossword - Crossword Labs
Download PDF • 40KB



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