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March 2020 Grey Matters

The Grey Matters

March 2020

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

Table of Contents

New Apprentice Leadership

Official GSW Discord Launched

Magick Alley Closure

Apprentice Handbook Updates

Jupiter Rite for Health and Wealth

GSW Response to COVID-19

Getting to Know Your Departments: Natural Philosophy and Healing

Bardic Circle: Ostara Lore Talk

Beneath the Covers


New Apprentice Leadership

Grey Matters Staff

Congratulations to our newest cadre of apprentice leaders, who are installed in their offices after a solid month of campaigning and working hard to earn this honor! Best wishes to all.

Captain Mason Cunninghare Vice-Captain Malcorr Greyseeker Flames Lodge Prefect: Rievahdel Waters Lodge Prefect: Blue Capucian Winds Lodge Prefect: Julie Alexandra McConnell Stones Lodge Prefect: Merqatyl Draconis


Official GSW Discord Launched

Dean of Students Emrhys Starhawk

Attention Apprentices! We now have a discord server for the Grey School. To join, follow the link! Please be aware this is only for currently registered and active Apprentices. You will be denied access if you are not a member of the school. To join make sure you type %apply in the "apply here" channel and submit your application. We also have mobile access now with mobile forum and chat. You can access this through the Wix mobile app in the Android store and iTunes Store. Simply sign in with your information that you use to login into the school forums and confirm your email address you will then be promoted to join the Grey School. See ya around Apprentices!


Magick Alley Closure