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March 2021 Grey Matters

The Grey Matters

March 2021

Photo by Aniket Bhattacharya on Unsplash

Table of Contents

1.) Dean's List Fall Term 2020

2.) New Apprentice Leadership

3.) Lodge Cup Awarded

4.) Ostara Moot 2021 Livestream Recording

5.) Ring in the Spring

6.) The Rules of Wizardry

7.) Designing a Gargoyle

8.) There’s Magic in the Stars

9.) Mulan's Ruse

10.) Grey School of Wizardry Turns 17

11.) April Challenge Roundup

12.) Between the Covers


Dean's List Fall Term 2020

By Dean Adservio

As of the end of the Fall Term on the Spring Equinox in the year 2021 CE, the following apprentices have distinguished themselves through academic excellence and earned Dean's List nominations in at least three of their classes. By the power vested in the office of the Dean of Curriculum, I am pleased and honored to award these deserving individuals the honor of the Dean's List.

Their names are henceforth recorded here so that their achievement may be distinguished in perpetuity.

Apprentice Flowdragon (Colors of Magick, Introduction to Popular Astrological Systems, The Elements)

Apprentice GladiusDivini (Technomagick 100, Children of the Night, Core Energy Practices 101A, The Elements, White Wizard's Library, Wizardry 100, Core Energy Practices 102D, Cleansing, Shielding, and Meditation, Introduction to Herbology, Dragonlore 102, Defense Against the Dark Arts 101, Wizardry 200)

Apprentice MasterWooson (Core Energy Practices 102D, Introduction and Overview of the Chakra System, Perchance to Dream, Path of the Seer, Introduction to Zen Practices)