March 2021 Grey Matters

The Grey Matters

March 2021

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Table of Contents

1.) Dean's List Fall Term 2020

2.) New Apprentice Leadership

3.) Lodge Cup Awarded

4.) Ostara Moot 2021 Livestream Recording

5.) Ring in the Spring

6.) The Rules of Wizardry

7.) Designing a Gargoyle

8.) There’s Magic in the Stars

9.) Mulan's Ruse

10.) Grey School of Wizardry Turns 17

11.) April Challenge Roundup

12.) Between the Covers

Dean's List Fall Term 2020

By Dean Adservio

As of the end of the Fall Term on the Spring Equinox in the year 2021 CE, the following apprentices have distinguished themselves through academic excellence and earned Dean's List nominations in at least three of their classes. By the power vested in the office of the Dean of Curriculum, I am pleased and honored to award these deserving individuals the honor of the Dean's List.

Their names are henceforth recorded here so that their achievement may be distinguished in perpetuity.

Apprentice Flowdragon (Colors of Magick, Introduction to Popular Astrological Systems, The Elements)

Apprentice GladiusDivini (Technomagick 100, Children of the Night, Core Energy Practices 101A, The Elements, White Wizard's Library, Wizardry 100, Core Energy Practices 102D, Cleansing, Shielding, and Meditation, Introduction to Herbology, Dragonlore 102, Defense Against the Dark Arts 101, Wizardry 200)

Apprentice MasterWooson (Core Energy Practices 102D, Introduction and Overview of the Chakra System, Perchance to Dream, Path of the Seer, Introduction to Zen Practices)

Apprentice OberonMorningstar (Wizardry 400, Magickal Tools, Ethics 200)

Please join me in congratulating these hardworking wizards for their dedication and commitment to their studies!

New Apprentice Leadership

By Dean Emrhys Starhawk

Good evening everyone! Well another school term has come to a close and with it's closing we leap into a brand new term! Each term we have a changing of the guard and sometimes we see familiar faces continue in leadership roles and sometimes we see new faces in new roles! That being said I want to personally thank all of last terms Prefects and last terms Captain for a job well done! We had an amazing leadership team and I have no doubt that these fantastic Apprentices will continue to excel in their studies here at the School! Big round of applause for last terms Prefects and Captain!

All of that said, let's meet the Spring 2021 Apprentice Leadership Team! These remarkable Apprentices will serve the School and you as your Leaders (Prefects, Vice-Captain, and Captain) until the Autumnal Equinox this year. Let's give a warm welcome and big round of applause to:

Captain Rievahdel Lazulifire Vice-Captain Merqatyl Draconis Prefect Skywalker (Winds Lodge Prefect) Prefect Apollinaris Medeis (Waters Lodge Prefect) Prefect Selah Nyx (Stones Lodge Prefect)

Good job on earning such a prestigious position at the School! I look forward to working with all of you as we move into some exciting new stuff for the School and all of the Apprentices and Magisters!

Blessed be!

Lodge Cup Awarded

By Dean Emrhys Starhawk

Good morning and happy Spring Equniox to everyone! As you are all aware, each Equinox brings with it the start of a new term here at the school. Each term a Lodge has the chance to win the coveted Lodge Cup which is proudly displayed on our virtual campus. The following is the results of this terms Lodge championship!

1st place: The Waters Lodge with a whopping 12.69 points! 2nd place: The Stones Lodge with an impressive 10.67 3rd place: The Flames who were hot on the Stones Lodges trail with a 10.40! 4th: The Winds Lodge sail into place with 8.70! 5th: The Psyche Lodge who put up a darn good fight this term and came in with a 2.96!

Big round of applause and congratulations to the mighty Undines for earning the Water Lodge another Lodge Cup victory! The points will be reset today so the fun begins anew! Finish your home work, nail those exams, and complete the merit challenges to help your Lodge take first place when we announce the next Lodge Cup awards at the Autumnal Equinox!

Ostara Moot 2021 Livestream Recording

By Apprentice Malcorr Greyseeker

Ring in the Spring

By Magick Alley Team

Well met Wizards, Its time to Ring in the Spring!

I have heard speak of it on the wind.

I have seen it in the leaves.I wonder now...

Is it time to bring back School Rings?

I have seen questions about rings come from a few of Apprentices, and it's right about that time for the Ring in the Spring yearly event! If we have at least ten people interested in Ordering their School ring, Rings will become available for Purchase on Magick Alley's Wizard's Wardrobe section. These Rings (Roughly $80 for pictured version) are a potent symbol of your Wizardly status and I'd be lying if I said I was ever far away from mine. Its a great bit of kit to show off some school pride and complete your Wizardly look. Not only this, but purchases of Rings go a long way to support Magick Alley and the Grey School as a whole. So, if you don't have yours yet, or if your interested in a second one, Send a message to with the Subject line "Ring in the Spring" expressing your intent to buy one of these signets of Wizardry.

The Rules of Wizardry

By Apprentice Pageturner

Before he was busy running from his cult, the Greek thinker Pythagoras* posited “Man know thyself; then thou shalt know the universe and God”. The three rules of wizardry seem deeply tied to the concept of identity, which according to Pythagoras is a pretty big deal. The rules of wizardry operate as a magical guideline to how we should handle ourselves, and by that I mean our own concept of self. In order to answer the question of why these rules are so vital we have to dig deeper into the root of them, so with no further adieu let’s begin.

I have known a great deal of people in my time to say things like “it’s just who I am”, or “I was only staying true to my nature”. They may even cite the parable of the frog and the scorpion, claiming that their own misdeeds are a product of their identity. To ever make such a claim seems contradictory, however, to the nature of freewill. When we begin to do things unobserved simply because “it’s what we do”, we give up that freewill piece by piece until we really are no longer distinguishable from scorpions and frogs. The whole idea of freewill in the first place seems to be one of self realization, that you can only be good by making yourself good. We as Wizards have a duty to live in the present moment, and to be truly conscious of the decisions we make in the world. We physically choose to do everything we do, and if you’re anything like me you seldom do anything without thinking it through first. That means that if I do a nasty thing to someone, it was me alone that did it. I could say “I was having a really bad day” or “I was justified for xyz reasons”, but the penultimate truth of the matter is that I did it; excuses really don’t count in the grand scheme of things. It serves us in becoming better Wizards to always remember that we are an accumulated consequence of all our actions, and we must stand by the things we have built and be ready to answer for them.

I believe that the 2011 animated classic “Rango”, directed by Gore Verbinski, best demonstrates the second rule. In the film, the titular main character fabricates a western sheriff persona upon arriving at a rural town. He then goes on to receive treatment from the citizens of this town as if he truly is a sheriff. The concept is this; you become your thoughts, and who you see yourself as is who you will become. Ever notice how most CEOs tend to be narcissists? They simply thought highly of themselves enough and for so long, that eventually other people started to believe them. Everyone to ever become something great started out as just another life form on this planet, and by virtue of their name grew to be something greater. Take your favorite celebrity for example, how are they truly different from you? What makes them so great? Fame alone. The same logic applies to Wizards, the more renown or infamy your name accumulates, the more power you seem to possess. It is then up to us to shape our image and perform our deeds, in hopes that the power we garner with our reputation is rightfully deserved. We need only be vigilant that we don’t let our reputations shape us, lest we lose ourselves to whatever grand images we have conjured up.

So let’s say I have grown my reputation sufficiently enough to the point where I have enough power for people to really listen to me, to give me input on matters of great importance.

What then? I suppose I could go about doing things the way I normally would, but now I have access to things I wouldn’t have otherwise. Because of my new found power, I have been granted access to a range of new opportunities which I wou