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March 2023 Grey Matters

The Grey Matters

March 2023

Table of Contents1.) 2023 Physical Classes

2.) GSW Fundraiser

3.) Dean's List Announcement

4.) Dean Xenia's New Chapter

5.) New Dean of DADA

6.) GSW Seeking Accreditation

7.) The Living Dead

8.) Seeing into the Darkness: Demons

9.) Monthly Class Spotlight

10.) Ceremonial Magick Crossword


2023 Physical Classes

By Grey Matters Staff

If you are seeking the unique experience of taking classes live an in-person with your

instructors at Grey School's Physical Campus in Whitehall, NY, 2023 is sure to be an exciting year for you. Five classes are being offered in an online format. More information on dates and enrollment can be found on the Forums at

Classes Available:

Wizardry 100 - Four Credits - May 12th-14th and September 15th-17th {Level 1}

Core Energy Practices 100 and 101 - Five Credits - June 16th-18th and August 18th-20th {Level 1}

Usui Reiki 1 Instruction and Certification for a Solid Foundation - Four Credits - August 11th-13th {Level 2}

Magickal Tools - Four Credits - June 2nd-4th and July 28th-30th {Level 3}

Principles of Wildcrafting - Four Credits - May 27th-28th and September 9th-10th {Level 4}