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May 2020 Grey Matters

The Grey Matters

May 2020

Photo by Georgiana Avram on Unsplash

Table of Contents

Ceremonial Magick Department Updates

Welcome to New Faculty Member

Grey School Rings Are Back

Robes for Sale

Lore Talk for Beltane

Beneath the Covers

Ask the Wizard

Demerit System

Candle Side Chat


Ceremonial Magick Department Updates

By Dean Frater Adservio

On the Summer Solstice, new, updated, and improved versions of the Ceremonial Magick majors and minors will go into force. The requirements have been heavily revised to give apprentices more choices and flexibility than ever before. The updated versions that have been finalized are posted in the appropriate threads in the Dean's Office under the Ceremonial Magick forum at The remainder will be posted shortly.


Welcome to New Faculty Member

By Grey Matters Staff

The Grey School is pleased to welcome Faculty Initiate Ombra dell’Uragano to the faculty rolls. As a former multi-term Prefect of the Winds lodge, we all look forward to excellence in leadership and teaching. You can read our newest faculty's introduction at


Grey School Rings are Back

By Magick Alley Staff

Well met Wizards one and all, It's time to #RingInTheSpring with Grey School Rings! Check out the Wizard's Wardrobe on Magick Alley to select your signet of Wizardry today...