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November 2019 Grey Matters

The Grey Matters

November 2019

Table of Contents

From the Office of the Editor.

Wizardly Quote.

Grey School Website Updates.

Dean of Students and Provost Updates.

New Alchemy Major.

Upcoming Events.



From the Office of the Editor

Dear Apprentices,

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, I would like to encourage everyone to take a moment to reflect upon what they are thankful for. As Autumn passes and Winter draws nearer, the whole world can seem to slow down and embrace a certain level of calm, introspective repose. The very energies of nature themselves are inclined to withdraw inwards and rest in preparation for the coming Spring. For those in tune with the patterns of the cosmos, now is likewise a good time to begin to draw inwards, reset, take account of our successes and victories, and plan for the future. First, however, take a moment to simply be grateful. Gratitude is a powerful force that cannot be underestimated. So take a moment, be grateful and happy, and then turn confidently towards tomorrow.

Yours in service,

Frater Adservio


Wizardly Quote

One cannot step twice in the same river.”

- Heraclitus


Grey School Homepage and Beta Forums Updates

The GSW home page has a brand new look! Take a peek at Thanks to our technomages and to Dean Nicholas Kinglsey for helping to make this a reality!

Some important Info for our Forum Beta Testers:

The Login for the Forums has been moved to the upper right of all Forum pages, and has been removed from the top of the site to avoid confusion. In addition to this a new help button has been added for first time users of the New Forums.

Both the forums and homepage have been updated to be mobile-friendly!