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Retirement of the Ravensong

Well met Wizards one and All, I hope that the day finds you in good health and high spirits.

Today I would like to take a moment as the sun sets on the illustrious tenure of Dean Ravensong, to honor her verdant path of wisdom and service to our school. For many years, she has been a guiding light in the art of Wortcunning, sharing her profound connection with the earth beneath the sprawling canopy of the Great Smoky Mountains she calls home.

Her hands have coaxed healing from the soil and taught us all the silent language of the flora. Dean Ravensong's potions and brews, crafted from the simplicity of weeds and the bounty of the land, have been a testament to the power of Wortcunning. Beyond the greenery and gardens, she has interlaced her magick into the very yarn of life, her crochet hooks dancing to the rhythm of ancient traditions and providing us with the beloved school scarves so many of us don. Even amidst the most taxing of personal trials, she has stood unwavering, a true testament to the resilience that defines Wizardry in our modern age.

With the grace that comes with wisdom, she has recognized the time to step back, to cherish the chapters yet unwritten in her own story. To honor her enduring impact, and to ensure that her wisdom remains a guiding star for our school, Dean Ravensong will be bestowed with the distinguished title of Lector. This title not only recognizes her years of devoted service but also welcomes her continued contribution to our community. As Lector, she will retain the cherished right to return to teach, as she wishes, sharing her invaluable insights and nurturing the next generation of practitioners when and if she desires to do so.

Moreover, to immortalize her spirit of healing and growth within the Grey School, the forthcoming greenhouse at Highspire Manor—a project close to our heart—will proudly bear the name 'Ravensong'. The Ravensong Greenhouse will be a place where new growth is fostered, embodying the spirit of the natural world she so loves.

Though Lector Ravensong's daily presence will be missed, her influence remains evergreen in the Grey School's halls. Please join me in expressing your heartfelt gratitude for Lector Ravensong's years of devoted service. May her retirement be as fulfilling and rich as the knowledge she has imparted upon us all.

With Our Deepest Respect and Admiration, Headmaster Nicholas Kingsley


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