September 2020 Grey Matters

The Grey Matters

September 2020

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2020 Master Wizard Awards

New Apprentice Leadership

Lodge Cup

Class Previews

The Grounds at vGSW

Mabon Moot

Lore Talk: Lammas

Beneath the Covers 1

Beneath the Covers 2

A Meeting of Wizards

2020 Master Wizard Awards

By Grey Matters Staff

Voting has concluded for the 4th annual Master Wizards Award and we are pleased to announce the results. Recipients of this vaunted title are recognized for a lifetime of achievement and demonstrated a high level of vision and wisdom in exemplifying and demonstrating the ideals of wizardry.

The full list of awardees can be found at and includes Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina the Teenage Witch) and Michio Kaku (professor of theoretical physics).

New Apprentice Leadership

By Grey Matters Staff

Congratulations to our new scabbard of prefects and apprentice leaders! We are proud of all our worthy apprentices and look forward to seeing their accomplishments this term.

Prefect Sky Walker of the Four Winds

Prefect Selah Nyx of the Standing Stones

Prefect Blue Capucian of the Flowing Waters

Prefect Rievahdel of the Dancing Flames

Vice-Captain Merquatyl Draconis

Captain Malcorr Greyseeker

Lodge Cup

By Dean Emrhys Starhawk

Greetings Apprentices! The merit counts are in and I'm pleased to announce that the Flames Lodge has brought home the coveted Lodge Cup! Congrats Flames Lodge on earning the most merit points! Let's hear it for our Flames Apprentices!

Stones 12.39

Flames 13.13

Waters 11.46

Winds 11.51

Psyche 2

Class Previews

By Provost Nicholas Kingsley

Did you know that Magick Alley Offers Previews of some of our Most Popular first level courses? You did? Oh, well... Did you know that as an Apprentice or Magister you can download these Previews for free and share them with your friends?

The Grounds at vGSW

By Apprentice Rievahdel

Have you been to the second life virtual campus lately? All I can say is just wow! We recently got a new groundskeeper Hunter Hellsing, and he has been hard at work. The grounds are now reflective of the fall season that we are in with oranges, yellows, and reds. It is an amazing explosion of color. In addition to the trees, there is a new club house, and a ton of new decorations. The pathways have pumpkins and other fall themed motifs, there is even a new rowboat by the dock, and a wicker man replica near the stones lodge.

I have heard that there is more to come, so keep checking back to see what else comes in store.

Another point about the campus, the lodge houses get a new makeover every term, and the prefect of each lodge puts in time and effort to make our lodges hospitable and comfortable. Check back and see how the look of the lodges change as well.

I would like to take a moment to give my appreciation to the GSW Staff and our groundskeeper for making our campus such a beautiful place.

The Mabon Moot

By Apprentice Rievahdel

We had another successful moot to end the term.

Our ritual team did a wonderful job putting together a ritual which celebrated thanksgiving, and balance.

We also had a presentation about ritual etiquette from apprentice Starry Sun, a video presentation by Julie Alexandra on how to use a cast Iron Cauldron, a presentation about mindfulness meditation by Blue Capucian, and a trivia game at the end.

These moots take a lot of time and work to put on and I would like to give a job well done to Blue for putting it on wonderfully.

Our next Moot will be Samhain which will be put on by the waters and the stones together and promises to be every bit as good as the last one.

This moot was a little bit unique as well, because it is the first one that we were able to live stream onto YouTube. This was Malcorrs effort.

To all involved, thank you for your work and efforts.

Lore Talk for Lammas

By Apprentice Merqatyl Draconis

(Disclaimer) Bardic Circle shares much of its content with the Lore and the Performance Magick Departments. Lore: “Much of a Wizard’s true power comes from their vast knowledge, Lore particularly concerns myths, histories and legends” (

“Performance Magick divides into Stage Magic (Illusion, Glamour and Legerdemain) and the Bardic Arts (Music, Poetry, Storytelling); each with its own techniques for opening the mind” (;

Being a Lore Major I focus on the Lore aspect of Bardic Circles. Lore Department’s mission is “…to help the student develop the ability to access, synthesize, and critically evaluate arcane knowledge from a variety of magickal cultures” ( “Grey is the Lore Departmental color. It represents knowledge, lore and wisdom in its purest form” (Department of Lore :: Grey School of Wizardry :: The College of Magickal Knowledge).

Knowledge is neutral, it is intention that makes it black or white magick. Lore department’s classes focus on the archetypes, heroes and heroines that empower one’s intention with respect to a specific archetype.