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September 2021 Grey Matters

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

The Grey Matters

September 2021

Table of Content

New Scabbard of Apprentice Leadership

Lodge Cup Winner Announced

Dean's List Recipients

The Hidden Provost's Riddle

October Book Sale at Magick Alley

October vGSW Updates

Headmaster Oberon Interview

Where Is My Class Feedback?

In-Person Classes at GSW

Candleside Chat

The Story of the Double Slit Experiment

Creating an Ancestor Altar

Between the Covers: New World Witchery

Ask the Wizard


New Scabbard of Apprentice Leadership

By Dean Emrhys Starhawk

Hear ye, hear ye! We have a new Apprentice Leadership Team to announce! Please congratulate the following Apprentices who will serve you and the school in the following roles this term:

Captain: Richard Crow Vice-Captain: Angela Rollins (BlueCapucian) Winds Prefect: Mac Anrothaic Waters Prefect: Milan Rodowicz Flames Prefect: Malcorr Greyseeker Stones Prefect: SelahNyx

These Apprentices are examples of some of the brightest minds here at the Grey School of Wizardry! Huge congrats to them on earning these Leadership positions and do not forget, YOU too can earn this position in the future! If you as an Apprentice or Magister need any assistance with the School please do not hesitate to reach out to them via their official Leadership email at you can also reach them on the forums and Discord. Congrats again!


Lodge Cup Winner Announced

By Dean Emrhys Starhawk

WHOAH! Lodge Cup Winner Announcement! Every term a Lodge has the chance to earn the coveted Lodge Cup! Merit points are earned throughout the term by completing School challenges, department challenges, and by impressing your Professors and Instructors in your classes with your hard work! These points are added up and the Lodge that earns the most merit points at the end of the school term earns the coveted Lodge Cup! Congrats to the Fall 2021 winners: Waters Lodge! Way to go Undines! Here is the complete list of Lodge Cup standings!

1st Place: Waters Lodge with 16.09 2nd Place: Stones Lodge (not bad Gnomes!) with 13.73 3rd Place: Winds Lodge (good work Sylphs!) with 13.02 4th Place: Flames Lodge (Salamanders bringing the heat!) with 10.79 5th Place: Psyche Lodge (excellent effort Psyche's!) with 3.26

Way to go everyone!


Dean's List Recipients

By Dean Adservio

Greetings and well met, Apprentices, Magisters, Faculty, and Friends of the Grey School of Wizardry! Today is the start of a new term here at the GSW, with all of the new possibilities that entails.

As we move forward, however, it is my pleasure to announce those deserving individuals whose high academic achievements have earned them places on the Dean's List in recognition of their outstanding work in their classes.

Please join me in congratulating:

Apprentice Grey_Owl Apprentice KammieOwltree Apprentice Malachite_Forestfoot Apprentice MedeaMoonstone Apprentice Phyrepharie Apprentice Stellaluna Apprentice Yifan Apprentice Macanrothaic

I would also like to recognize the following Honorable Mentions, who earned at least two nominations to the Dean's List but not the required three:

Apprentice Airin Apprentice Avallach Apprentice FoxMacTavish Apprentice GladiusDivini Apprentice LunaSkye Apprentice Lyssa Apprentice OberonMorningstar Apprentice RavenRose Apprentice FloraRose Apprentice Rievahdel Apprentice SelahNyx

The full announcement can be found on the forums at Details on the Dean's List award can be found at


The Hidden Provost's Riddle

By Provost Nicholas Kingsley

Congratulations to Apprentice Macanrothaic for finishing the Hidden Provost's Riddle on VGSW.

Not only did this vaunted wizard locate and solve each stage of the hidden riddle, he also did so in record time! Well done that man and good form!

As a reward for this Wizardly feat,

Five Merits are Awarded to the Society of the Four Winds.

As Apprentice Macanrothaic has now finished this Riddle Quest, he is sworn to secrecy and bidden not to reveal the secrets of the quest, so that others might test their wit with no spoilers of what may come.

Again, Congratulations and well done!


October Book Sale at Magick Alley

By Magick Alley Manager Arthur Kingsley

October is National Book Month, and Magick Alley is celebrating with new books and great deals until the 31st! This month, save 5-25% on all books, and get a free book when you buy 3 using coupon code: OCTOBERBOOKS

NEW BOOKS THIS MONTH: Book 4 by Aleister Crowley Death Rights and Rites by Reverend Judith Karen Fenley and Oberon Zell

BACK IN STOCK: The Magus by Francis Barrett The Big Book of Practical Spells by Judika Illes

Have a splendid National Book Month, and thank you all for shopping at Magick Alley!


October vGSW Updates

By Provost Nicholas Kingsley

Pumpkin Patch Notes:

-Added October Decorations to the VGSW

-Updated several textures to now show from multiple angles

-Added a new Seasonal game to the woods between the Flames and Winds lodges

-Updated Lighting

-Updated a path near waters Lodge which was causing some Visual glitches

Keep up the good work in your classes and Enjoy this Spooky season!


Headmaster Oberon Interview

By Grey Matters Staff

You can catch Headmaster Oberon's Latest interview on The 'X' Zone Radio Show!

You can listen here:


Where Is My Class Feedback?

By Dean Adservio

Greetings and well met, Apprentices and Magisters! We are aware that feedback from your classes is not always being reliably delivered via email. If that is the case, you can still check the status of your submissions, check your grades, and receive feedback from your instructors. From your homepage on the GSW class site, under the "Class Information" section, click on the name of your class. On the class page, you will see a list of assignments under the heading "Tests for this Class." Here you will see the grades that have been issued; if you don't see a grade, it hasn't been graded yet. Click on the name of a graded assignment to find the instructor's feedback beneath your submission.


In-Person Classes at GSW

By Provost Kingsley

Our List for the Classes on offer in 2022 at our Physical Campus will be published after my candleside chat in October on the 9th, so if you have any suggestions let us know before then!

You can comment your suggestions on the Forums, or as an Email to with the Subject line: Class Suggestion The current draft list is on the Forums at


Candleside Chat

By Provost Nicholas Kingsley

Join me for our Monthly Candle-side chat! Candle-side chats are an opportunity to learn about the current projects and plans of GSW. Be sure to tune in live or check out the recording on the forums!


Quantum Physics and the Story of the Double Slit Experiment

By Apprentice Macanrothaic

Editor's note: The Double Slit experiment is a famous demonstration of the effects of observation on particles. Physicist Richard Feynman said that it is "a phenomenon which is impossible to explain in any classical way, and which has in it the heart of quantum mechanics. In reality, it contains the only mystery of quantum mechanics."

We are all consciously connected through energy, through energy in its smallest particle, its

smallest mode of existence. The smallest idea I have for this concept is sound. A word

spoken is the smallest form of energy there is. There is Om. There is Amen. There is Awen.

There is Yes, No, Up, Down, Right, Left, In, Out, On, Around. These are all forms of energy

when spoken, when given potential, when given inertia, or when given a push.

We are all one long run-on sentence being spoken into existence, by something or someone,

somewhere, sometime, somehow. And that energy has been proven to be both mass and

energy, to be able to transform between the two states given the appropriate conditions.

Just as water can exist as a solid, a gas, or a liquid so too can this energy exist as sound, as

energy, as a solid, or as matter. It solely depends upon the conditions surrounding it.

Now, the observer, the one who observes all, the one who somewhere, somehow, someway, for some reason or other, spoke the existence into being, is in everything as everything is

composed of this energy, this word, this Om, this Amen, this Awen, this Up, down, right, left,

wrong, right, yes, no, tonight, tomorrow, in, out, on, under…

This entity that spoke the word, that energized everything, that energizes everything, one day

decided to look at itself. It found a way to look at itself and, as it is in everything, the smallest particles are composed of it and the bigger particles constantly hear it in their minds. They hear it in their ears, they hear it when they put a seashell up to their ear, the roaring sound, the Om, the Amen, the Awen.

This being found a way to look at itself, yet as it is in everything and is everywhere, it can not

help but laugh anytime it sees itself for what it truly is. Some say it’s the Great Spaghetti

Monster, others say it’s a Triune deity named Elohim/Yhwh, others say it’s not a thing at all, and those that do truly know, well, they don’t say a thing.

So this entity found a way to look at itself, by taking the smallest thing it could find, and

shooting it through a gun it could splatter this smallest thing against a wall and out of it would come a small yelp, a small cry for help, a small scream of "ouch, that hurt," a small confused voice saying, “Hey, you’re me, what the hell are you doing, shooting me against that thing, it hurts ya know!” And, this is when the entity laughs. How could it not, how could it not laugh, knowing that it was hurting itself . . . knowing that itself was upset at the fact that it was being shot at this wall to be forced to splatter open, just so this entity that spoke it into existence could take a look at it.

So the observer tried to get a bit tricky; it wanted to not get yelled at by itself. It was thinking that maybe if it didn’t know that it was the one that shot itself at the wall, maybe it wouldn’t get mad and yell at itself and maybe then it wouldn’t laugh, and maybe it would see itself a little clearer.

Trouble is, it knows it’s shooting itself at the wall to splatter itself open to view itself and see

what’s inside, to see itself like it’s looking in the mirror.

And it did.

It hid.

It hid itself and shot itself at the wall, and the smallest thing being shot at the wall still knew what was going on, it wasn’t fooled, it knew it was being shot at the wall by itself so it could see inside itself. So it didn’t do anything. It splattered against the wall, it yelled, “Hey that hurts! Stop it would ya!”

And the observer tried to get tricker. It made two cuts in the wall it was shooting the smallest

things through, one above the other, and then it pointed two different cameras at both of the

slits, and unplugged one of the cameras. It was getting really tricky now. The observer was trying to fool itself into not knowing which camera was plugged in, and the smallest thing getting shot through the wall wouldn’t know which camera was actually plugged in, so it wouldn't know if the observer was actually itself or not. It didn’t matter, though. It still knew. The smallest thing being shot through the wall still knew the observer was itself shooting itself at the wall, and that the observer had set up the cameras and had unplugged one of them. The smallest thing knew it was the top camera in this shooting that had been unplugged because it was itself playing this game on itself, and so when it got splattered on the wall it yelled at the observer, “For crying out loud man! That hurts! Would you stop already, we are one and the same!” The observer just laughed, that confused laugh when one knows something isn't funny but can’t help but laugh because otherwise, the alternative is to actually deal with feelings of inferiority, abandonment, unworthiness, and incompleteness.

The observer tried to get even tricker, and would watch through both cameras and launch

billions of these smallest things through the gun at the wall through the double slit. And when the observer was watching, the smallest things did nothing. They went through as though nothing important was happening because the smallest things knew that it knew what was happening and they did not condone what was happening, they knew it was just trying to see itself to hear itself, and it could just look in a mirror to do this. They would fly through those two slits in that wall and they would land on the other side in circular patterns that demonstrated some sort of sentience, which would obviously happen as the observer was sentient through these smallest entities and these smallest entities were sentient through the observer, as they all were one and the same.

However, then the observer stopped observing completely - which was really difficult to do because the observer was in everything and everything was in the observer. In fact, the

observer's voice was in the smallest particles, the sound that had given the smallest particles

their energy, their essences, their life, the Om, the Amen, the Awen. When the observer found a way to leave completely, the smallest entities acted differently. They came through the slit without any form of sentience, they came through the slits without screaming or yelling when they slammed into the wall; there was no “Ouch” or “Hey man!” They were dead. They had no life, no energy, no existence, no spin, no spark, no sound, no Amen, no Awen, no Om.

Now the observer, when it would come back to observe, noted that the smallest things would respond, their life would come back, and their pattern would change. It would change in advance, even. They would appear in those weird sentient patterns that would appear if the observer was there to observe, and they would scream, all of them would start screaming again in unison, yelling at the observer that it hurt them when they hit the wall, or that there had to be another way to do this.

And again, if the observer would leave and take away all of its being so that there was nothing for the smallest things to be observed by, then the spark would die out and the patterns, those beautiful, sentient patterns, would disappear and there would be nothing but flat lines formed from the lifeless bodies of the smallest things being shot from the gun through the material with the double slit in it, before slamming into the wall.


Creating an Ancestor Altar

By Apprentice Medea Moonstone

Items that I acquired for my altar included my grandfather’s WWII flag (this was the only physical item I had that was his) and my grandmother’s glasses. I have a photo of my grandmother h