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September 2022 Grey Matters

Grey Matters

September 2022

Table of Contents

1.) New Term Begins 2.) New Apprentice Leaders

3.) Deans' List Awards

4.) Lodge Cup Winner

5.) Zoom to Class This October

6.) Two Wizards Talk Episode 19: The Element of Earth

7.) New Class: Healing with Crystals and Herbs

8.) Zoom Class Signups: So You Want to be a White Wizard?

9.) Zoom Class Signups: Wizardry 100 and Wizardry 101

10.) Candle-Side Chat 9/4/22

11.) The Origins of the Universe

12.) Grey Matters Now Recruiting


New Term Begins

By Grey Matters Staff

Greetings, Apprentices, Magisters, and Friends of GSW! As of the Autumnal Equinox, the Wheel of the Year has turned and a new Term has begun. With that comes a new Scabbard of Apprentice Leaders, a fresh contest for the Lodge Cup, awards and honors to bestow, and more. Continue reading below the break for all the details!


New Apprentice Leaders

By Dean Emrhys Starhawk

Some exciting announcements today! First and foremost let's give a huge thank you to last terms Apprentice Leadership team! They did a great job leading their respective Lodges and assisting their peers. Excellent work!

Next let's give a huge and warm welcome to our new terms Apprentice Leadership team. Congratulations and welcome to:

Captain Macanrothaic Vice-Captain BlueCapucian Prefect Corvus Umbra (Flames Lodge) Prefect VenusHellfire (Waters Lodge) Prefect Mason Cunninghare (Stones Lodge) Prefect Cerberus Bindweed (Winds Lodge)

Let's have a great term everyone!


Deans' List Awards

By Dean Adservio