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September 2023 Grey Matters

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Grey Matters

September 2023

Table of Contents 1.) On the Autumnal Equinox

2.) Dean's List Recipients

3.) Waters Lodge Wins the Lodge Cup

4.) New Scabbard of Apprentice Leaders Announced

5.) GSW 2023 - 2025 Roadmap

6.) Return of the Ouroboros 500 Club

7.) A Letter to Parents: The Future of Youth Wizardry Education at the Grey School

8.) The Difficult Teacher

9.) GSW Cosmology Crossword Puzzle


On the Autumnal Equinox

By Headmaster Kingsley

Happy Autumnal Equinox, esteemed Apprentices, Magisters and Faculty, I hope that the day finds you in high spirits and good health!

Today marks the moment when day and night stand as equals. It is in moments like these that the world itself shows us the beauty of balance, and offers an invaluable lesson in both life and Wizardry. The Autumnal Equinox beckons us to pause and reflect on the year thus far. It offers a moment to tally our successes, understand our challenges, and set forth on new ventures with renewed perspective.

In that same vein, I invite you to consider taking some time today to assess your progress here at Grey School. Have you found a healthy equilibrium between study and social interaction? Are you balancing the mind's thirst for knowledge with the soul's need for compassion and community? Use today as an opportunity to recalibrate your goals, whether they are academic achievements, interpersonal connections, or personal well-being. Remember, the journey of Wizardry extends far beyond the enchanting allure of our halls. It represents a holistic, lifelong vocation that beckons us to serve wisely, act with agency, and contribute to the betterment of both our immediate surroundings and the communities we call home. As we take cues from this Equinox let it serve as a poignant reminder. It calls us to reflect not only on our academic progress but also on how we can apply the wisdom, skills, and values we've gained here at the Grey School of Wizardry to the challenges and opportunities we find in our lives.

The balance we observe in nature today mirrors the equilibrium we strive for in our personal and professional lives. And it is through this balance that we fulfill our mission to be ethical leaders, critical thinkers, and community contributors. In the coming season, may we continue to delve deeper into our studies, while also nurturing the interpersonal and intrapersonal skills that make us effective wizards in the world today.

So! As the leaves begin to turn and we brace ourselves for the shifts that autumn brings, let us all make a concerted effort to balance the various aspects of our lives, aiming for both personal growth and collective well-being. Here's to a fulfilling, enriching, and purposeful autumn for our Grey School community!


Dean's List Recipients

By Dean Meighen

As of the end of the Spring Term on the Autumnal Equinox in the year 2023 CE, the following Apprentices have distinguished themselves through academic excellence and earned Dean's List nominations in at least three of their classes. By the power vested in the office of the Dean of Curriculum, I am pleased and honored to award these deserving individuals the honor of the Dean's List.

Their names are henceforth recorded here so that their achievement may be distinguished in perpetuity.

Apprentice Bujo (Double, Double: The Herbalist’s Laboratory, The Medicine Wheel, Wizard House, Herbcrafting 201: Potions and Brews, and Potions 200)

Apprentice CoralMercy (So You Want to be a Grey Wizard?, So You Want to be a Yellow Wizard?, Core Energy Practices 100: Centering & Grounding, Safety and Herb Use, Shadowlore 100: Creatures of the Night, Wizardry 100: Becoming an Apprentice, and The Earth Day Challenge)

Apprentice Minyassa (Ethics 200: Know Thyself, Spellcraft 200, Kitchen Wizardry, Mathemagicks 151 (was 152): Basic Refresher Class, Mathemagicks 101: Magick And Number, Blessed of Bast: Cat Myth, Magick and Lore, So You Want to be a Red Wizard?, Shadowlore 100: Creatures of the Night, Magickal Zoology 102: Working with Animal Energies, Magickal Zoology 101, and Wizardry 400: Wizards Don't Whine)

Apprentice PsychicMonk (Common Magickal Pests, Magickal Healing: An Introduction, Optimising Personal Health for Healers, Basic Banishing, Wizardry 400: Wizards Don't Whine, and Adversarial Arts)

Apprentice WytheGraalfox (So You Want to be an Indigo Wizard?, Defense Against the Dark Arts 101: Seeing into the Darkness, Dancing the Runes 101: Runic Interpretations, Ethics 200: Know Thyself, Spellcraft 200, Signs and Symbols, Wizardry 200: Scrolls and Service, History and Culture of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, Wizardry 102: Foundations of Critical Thinking, and Storytelling 401: Tales of the Fabulists)

Apprentice Heron1 (Core Energy Practices 100, Colors of Magick, and Defense Against the Dark Arts 101).

Please join me in congratulating these hardworking Wizards for their dedication and commitment to their studies!


Waters Lodge Wins the Lodge Cup

By Grey Matters Staff

A hearty congratulations to the Coterie of the Flowing Waters for winning a close-fought battle to secure the Lodge Cup. Well done to the Prefect and members of the lodge for their hard work!


New Scabbard of Apprentice Leaders Announced

By Grey Matters Staff

At the End-of-Term Assembly marking the Autumnal Equinox, the following individuals were announced as the new scabbard of apprentice leaders for the forthcoming term. Please join us in wishing them the best of luck in their new endeavors.

Captain BlueCapucian

Prefect Minyassa of the Order of the Dancing Flames

Prefect SelahNyx of the Circle of the Standing Stones

Prefect Skywalker of the Society of the Four Winds

Prefect VenusHellfire of the Coterie of the Flowing Waters


GSW 2023 - 2025 Roadmap

By Headmaster Kingsley

Well met Wizards one and all, I hope that the day finds everyone in good health and high spirits!

As the seasons change, so too does the focus of our efforts here at the Grey School. As we stand on the threshold of another transformative term, I am pleased to share our Roadmap for the rest of 2023-early 2025. This document outlines our ambitions and serves as a guide to the direction we aim to take in the coming months and years.

While this offers a glimpse into our targeted efforts, it is by no means exhaustive. Adaptability is one of our core Wizardly traits after all, and we have lots more to come. We're committed to growing and improving, not just for ourselves but for all who seek the wisdom and camaraderie here at the Grey School of Wizardry. On behalf of myself and the whole of the GSW Faculty and Staff, we look forward to embracing the path ahead and look forward to seeing you in class soon!


Return of the Ouroboros 500 Club

By Headmaster Kingsley

The Ouroboros 500 Club serves as a bridge between the Grey School of Wizardry and a

diverse array of businesses around the world. Taking inspiration from the ancient Ouroboros symbol representing endless cycles of growth and renewal, the club aims to weave our growing school body into the broader tapestry of communities our pupils call home.

GSW members in good standing are eligible to receive a discount from participating retailers when they present their Ouroboros Pass (found in the Wix app).

Find more details at


A Letter to Parents: The Future of Youth Wizardry Education at the Grey School

By Headmaster Kingsley

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope that the day finds everyone in good health and spirits!

As you know, The Grey School of Wizardry has long prided itself on being a place of wonder, wisdom, and lifelong learning for apprentices of all ages. Today, I have exciting news to share that directly impacts your young wizards-to-be.


In the spirit of openness and our commitment to evolve, it's essential to note that the Grey School of Wizardry has a rich history of crafting courses with the younger generation in mind. This ethos was particularly impactful for me personally as I grew up with the Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard by my side. Over the years, however, we've had a shift, as our curriculum gradually became more adult-centric to cater to the majority of our apprentice population. Though this shift expanded our academic rigor and complexity, leading us to ever evolving heights, it also led to a decrease in focus on the specific educational needs of our younger apprentices.

The Psyche Program is our commitment to this foundational principle—to provide an accessible yet in-depth learning space for young wizards. It is designed to re-calibrate our academic offerings, aligning them with both the timeless wisdom and practical needs that young wizards can carry into adulthood.

To better serve our youth—and by extension, You—we plan to launch a brand new, refocused and reforged Psyche Program this winter 2023.


At its core, this initiative aims to provide a rigorous and targeted educational experience for our younger apprentices. Recognizing that the unique educational needs of youth are of course different, we've designed a curriculum that is both stimulating and specifically relevant to them.

It's important to note that this program doesn't only involve the young learner; we have consciously included content that invites and encourages parental participation. You won't just be a bystander in your child's education; we've designed specific modules that allow you to engage actively, providing a more enriched learning experience for both of you.

While the program does touch on topics that spark imagination and curiosity, its real strength lies in the foundational skills it imparts. Beyond merely academic knowledge, your child will gain tangible skills like critical thinking, effective communication, leadership skills and other tools foundational to the contemporary trade of Wizardry. Whats more, upon successful completion of the Psyche Program, your child won't just walk away with newfound skills and insights; they will also earn 12 credits that count directly toward their Journeymen Letter at GSW. This isn't merely a certificate; it's a substantial advancement on their educational journey. It serves as both an immediate acknowledgement of their accomplishments and a valuable stepping stone for those committed to diving deeper into their studies as they mature into adulthood.


As we embark on the journey to make the Psyche Program a reality, we want to keep you informed about the strides we're taking to shape this educational initiative. I am personally reviewing the cornerstone courses from our first and second years to form a solid foundation upon which the Psyche Program will be built. Though designed to span 1-2 years, it is important to note that the flexible nature of Grey School's pacing allows dedicated apprentices to complete content at a speed which works for them, accommodating various learning styles and schedules.

In collaboration with our esteemed Dean of Curriculum, we're constructing a rigorous framework that seamlessly blends esoteric wisdom with the vital soft skills crucial for personal and academic growth. Drawing upon existing content—such as the material found in our Wizardry Series courses—we aim to create an enriched educational pathway that aligns with the very ethos of the Grey School of Wizardry.

But that's not all. We're elevating our approach by consulting the most current research in child education and incorporating insights from our vaunted faculty members with specialized expertise in the field. Whats more, with the aid of cutting-edge educational AI learning tools we will be able to further refine the curriculum. The result? A pioneering program that harmonizes the best practices from multiple educational paradigms, true to the holistic nature of the trade it seeks to impart.

We're incredibly excited about this new initiative and sincerely hope you and your aspiring wizards will join us in this transformative educational journey.

Warmest wishes,

Nicholas Kingsley Headmaster, The Grey School of Wizardry You can learn a touch more about our Upcoming Psyche Program, as well as the other Programs offered by the Grey School of Wizardry at


The Difficult Teacher

By Apprentice Corey Minatani

A very long time ago, children were given over to master-teachers in various trades and professions. Why? They were given over to be apprentices. This is a process of learning that can sometimes take between seven to ten years to complete!

Unfortunately, if you are the apprentice, your master-teacher becomes your new parent and you do not see your real parents until the apprenticeship is over and complete. Given this background, here is my story...

More than a few years ago, there was a boy named Jucado. He was the offspring of a very prominent family of fishermen. However, Jucado's parents wanted something more of their boy than he being a fisherman. Hence, some of the most acclaimed people in this land were bards who could play a great tune, weave a fantastic tale, and play chess with the best and brightest royalty. Jucado's parents thought to give him a fantastic career by apprenticing him to the best bard in the lands.

Jucado's father, Quinn went on a trip to visit the most acclaimed bard, Ponti the Magnificent! Of course, Jucado was dragged along in the hopes that Ponti would accept him as an apprentice. Along the way, Jucado was very disappointed in his parents, and told his father so. To Jucado, his parents were forgetting about him and giving him away, such as one would give away a pet, like a dog or a cat.

Quinn the father, told his son, "Unlike the dog or cat, you have no purpose! Cats can chase mice! Dogs can guard the house! You can do neither! So, I give you to Ponti. Maybe he can do something with you."

Into the land of Ren’a’do both Quinn and Jucado entered. As the miles to Ponti the Magnificent's abode drew closer, the more Jucado became nervous with anxiety, fear, and depression. What would the "master-teacher" teach him? Would he be beaten if he failed in his lessons? Would he finish the seven or ten years required, and the master-teacher not vouch for his skills and name him a true bard? All Jucado's father would say is, "Probably. Still, this is better than being a fisherman!"

As the wagon lurched toward the bard's place, a very strange musical instrument could be heard from within. Additionally, the singing voice of the Magnificent One (later, Jucado would be forced to call Ponti this name), was indeed music of magical qualities that entranced both Jucado and his father. In Ren’a’do, it is a well-known fact, especially amongst fishermen, that bards weave magic into their music and tales! This, Ponti the Magnificent, was certainly a bard of bards. Jucado would do well to study under this master-teacher, so exclaimed his father.

Upon knocking on the Magnificent One's door, abruptly stopping the magical music, a feeling of dread was quickly upon young Jucado. Ponti opening the door winced and wrinkled his nose at the brisk salutation of Quinn, that of his fishy fisherman's smell.

"Yes? Can you be helped?"

"Why yes, master bard. This is my son, Jucado. I'd like you'd to take him on as apprentice bard," said Quinn.

"Yes, I'm sure you do. Now, why would I do this?" exclaimed Ponti.

"He's not good with a fish," began Quinn.

"And father says I'm useless unlike a cat or a dog!" interrupted Jucado.

"Anyway, kind sir, maybe you can make something of him? asked Quinn.

"I'm sure, counting your, how shall we say, expertise, you think I can do something with this one," said Ponti. "Does he have ears on his back? Boys tend to listen best when they are beaten!"

"Ears on his back? Um, I do not think so. It's not in our bloodline. Will you take him or no?" argued Quinn.

"If it is to be an apprenticeship of seven years, then no. If it be ten, then yes. It will take that long for his training," said Ponti.

"Then it is to be ten. Goodbye, son!" said Quinn as he stepped up into the wagon.

"Come inside young golem," said Ponti.

"What is a golem, sir?" asked Jucado.

"A magical creation by wizards. In your case, either unformed substance or a simpleton. I venture you are both!"

"Oh, that is good, right sir? Better to be both, rather than just one or the other!" said young Jucado. Quinn moved off with the wagon and shook his head at his son's answer.

Years later, to the tune of three, young Jucado traveled along the road to escapism, impatience, dishonor, and failure. Quite a difficult road to travel in the dangerous lands of Ren’a’do, which is a druidic term for 'Bone Forest'. Why is Jucado on the road? He left his master-teacher Ponti. He ran away. The harshness of the lessons. The unbearable chores. The constant nagging. The condescension, even for a bard, intolerable. No more would he be an apprentice bard. Learning music. Learning song. Learning magic that tied the two together in bond. In his depression, he rested to the side of the road, pulling out his stringed instrument similar to our guitar, and began to play and sing.

Seemingly out of nowhere, an old gentleman approached young Jucado. "Young master, who is that song of which you sing?" asked the old man.

"Sir, I am no master. For I have quit my apprenticeship. But to answer your question, it is a song I learned from my former master-teacher," explained Jucado.

"Quit your apprenticeship? Why on earth would you do that? Listen to me young one. I am in the business of announcing the best talent in the land to aristocrats and royalty. They pay me to search out the best bards, minstrels, and musicians to play for them in their royal courts! Listening to you, having not finished your apprenticeship, I have heard of no other bard, minstrel, or musician that can best your skills. You would do well to return to your master-teacher and beg his forgiveness. Have him take you back! For if you do, you would be the best bard in this land, or any other!" told the old man. After his statement, the old man disappeared down the road.

Thinking long, hard, and contemplative, young Jucado thought over what the old man had said. Unbeknownst to Jucado, he had been walking as he meditated on the wisdom of the old man. By the time he concluded he should return to his master-teacher, he looked up and noticed he was at the doorstep of the Magnificent One.

"Golem?" said Ponti. "Your dinner waits, as does the cleaning of the music room."

"Yes, during my leave I've done the same with my mind," answered Jucado.

"Most golems have empty minds, anyway. Someday you shall be of the mythical and magical kind," announced Ponti.

"How could I not, under the watchful eye of the Magnificent One?" said Jucado.

"True," said the bard Ponti the Magnificent, "very true."


Cole, B. (1983). The Renaissance Artist at Work: From Pisano to Titian. Boulder: Westview Press.

Ellis, P. B. (1994). The Druids. Grand Rapids: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.


GSW Cosmology Crossword Puzzle

By Grey Matters Staff

Complete this month's crossword online at

Or download a PDF:

GSW Cosmology Crossword - Crossword Labs
Download PDF • 57KB



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