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Show your school spirit with an official Grey School class ring! Designed by GSW Founder Oberon Zell, and made of sterling silver, this ring features a round stone of your Wizardly color, surrounded by the words "Grey School ofWizardry," with the Penkhaduce emblem on either side. This deluxe version features a beautifual gold plate on the Penkhaduce, a perfect addation for the Wizard's Formal Regalia regalia. 

Rings are available in US sizes 4-15, including half sizes. If you don't know your US ring size, there are many helpful resources across the web that can aid you. The "Ring Size" field uses the US size scale.

Ring stones are determined by Department, each corresponding to a different
color of magick. These are the available options:

Department (color) -- stone

Wizardry (indigo) -- indigo lapis
Natural Philosophy (silver) -- hematite
Magickal Practice (gold) -- goldstone
Psychic Arts (aqua) -- aqua turquoise
Healing (blue) -- blue compitos
Wortcunning (green) -- malachite
Divination (yellow) -- yellow amber
Performance Magics (orange) -- carnelian
Alchemy (red) - red jasper
Lifeways (pink) -- rose quartz
Beast Mastery (brown) -- tigereye
Cosmology (violet) -- amethyst
Mathemagicks (clear) -- clear quartz
Ceremonial Magicks (white) -- white moonstone
Lore (grey) -- grey moonstone
Dark Arts (black) -- black obsidian

Grey School Class Ring Deluxe (Open Style)

  • NOTE: Please expect about 2-3 months for delivery.

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