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Written by acclaimed international speaker Michael Mamas in 2004, this Hardcover Book is a riveting story. "The Hardy Boys meet Harry Potter in a spiritual adventure that’s ahead of its time." -- Stephen Simon, Somewhere in Time, What Dreams May Come

What if a common thread existed between all the ancient philosophies of life? Imagine it was true - and what if it was revealed?
A captivating adventure about life's mysteries, The Golden Frog follows the friendship of two boys in a series of enchanted childhood summers...and beyond. Though each pursues his own quest for truth, Bruce and Nathaniel's paths entwine throughout life.

Told through Bruce's reflections, suspense builds as he is tormented, provoked, and intrigued by the enigma of Nathaniel. Bruce is a natural born skeptic. Nathaniel is a relentless seeker, obsessed with life's deepest meaning. Bruce becomes a psychotherapist trapped in the web of conditioning, while Nathaniel ventures to India, emerging as a revolutionary thinker.

During his journey Nathaniel meets Surya, a spiritual master who teaches him extraordinary lessons and profound knowledge. As Nathaniel awakens to the wisdom deeply rooted within him, mysterious events begin to unfold. With gripping passion, he penetrates the veil that cloaks spiritual wisdom. Through insightful and heartfelt interactions, he challenges all notions of reality.

Witnessing Nathaniel's remarkable journey from ordinary to extraordinary, Bruce is changed forever.

The Golden Frog

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