The Heart of the Fire by Cerridwen Fallingstar, a shamanic Witch and Priestess, who has taught classes in magic and ritual for twenty-three years.

Fiona McNair is a peasant girl in 16th Century Scotland. Her grandmother, the leader of the village coven, is teaching her herbcraft, healing and magic, as she follows the visions that lead her in a path of shamanic powers known as Witchcraft. Fiona grows to be beautiful and falls in love--with her wild Gypsy friend Annie; with Sean, the youthful, wealthy and potentially dangerous son of the village Lord; and with a minstrel who still dares sing the old songs of magic and power.

Then, the Witch hunter comes...

The Heart of the Fire is a suspensful blend of magic, romance, danger and eroticism. Even more, it is an authentic past-life chronicle, a unique and revealing window into the lives of historical Witches from their own viewpoint; who they were, what they believed, what all of us lost as the magical web of life was torn asunder.

The Heart of the Fire


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