Well met,
Historic Grounds!

Good Greetings from your Local Wizards!

What an Interesting world we find ourselves in... It's in times like these that places of warmth, goodness, and community matter most. Places like Historic Grounds give us all a wonderful spot to meet with our friends, enjoy a great meal, chat with the pleasant staff, and engage in supporting our Whitehall Family. While the world may pop it's scary head up from time to time a cup of jo' (and if we're honest, perhaps a pancake!) from Historic Grounds always tends to put the pep in our step needed to face the day unafraid.  As your local Wizards we wave our wands and call you back to your fine establishment to again make your most magical of meals!

In return for your, uh, return, We pledge to make Historic Grounds apart of our regular
routine, and we're excited to sneak in a "The Sam" or two.  We have no doubt that our Amazing community here in Whitehall is also ready to see this great Restaurant reopen. 

Fear Not The Unknown, Or The What May Be!
Strive, And Become That Which You Wish To See!

Bright Blessings,
~The Wizards of Whitehall~