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Grey School of Wizardry 

"Omnia vivunt, omnia inter se conexa"


Well met  Apprentice Rennus Lee, 4/13/2021

Welcome to the Grey School of Wizardry, 

May you enjoy a unique magickal journey of learning and discovery!  



There are three parts to the Grey School: the main web campus where you will sign up for and take most your classes, the virtual campus on Second Life  (vGSW) where we host School activities as well as moots, and the online forums. You will find self-paced classes on the web campus, and Apprentice-led moots, meetings, clubs and activities on vGSW. Occasionally Teachers even host Live classes on the VGSW which is something you won't want to miss! The forums are for sharing information and connecting with your wizardly peers. These forums provide a great place for socializing, asking questions, and participating in Merit Challenges!


Your magickal name, Rennus Lee, is your username for all your activities at GSW. The  password on your enrollment form grants you access to the school site. The forums, however, will require you to set up a special forum account. You can start this process by going to and clicking the white text near the top of the page which reads "First time on the Forums? Click Here!"


Your Lessons here at the Grey School begin with the simplest aspects of Wizardry and  become progressively more complex with each level of study. Since every Apprentice Wizard needs a solid grounding, it is important that  you work through the lower level classes, even if they seem easy. The higher levels will offer greater challenge. 


There are five school lodges: Psyche, for youth ages 11 to 17, and four elemental adult lodges—Winds, Flames,  Waters, and Stones— for those aged 18 and older. You will be automatically sorted into one of these the first time  you log in. Each lodge has its own forum where you can meet and visit with others of your  elemental group. While you're in the forums have a look around as it is where all Wizards at GSW mingle. Don't forget to check out the Grey Matters, The School’s very own news paper. For pupils aged 16 and over, our virtual campus  is another place to meet and talk with students in your own and other lodges, take classes, and participate in  students’ clubs and social events. 

Again, welcome to the Grey School of Wizardry.
We look forward to seeing you in class soon!


Bright Blessings, 

Headmaster Oberon Zell

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