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December 2019 Grey Matters

The Grey Matters
December 2019

Table of Contents

A Smoky Mountain Christmas Card

Mother Deer Lights Up the Winter Solstice

The Korean Winter Solstice

vGSW Yule Conclave


A Smoky Mountain Christmas Card

By Dean Katy Ravensong

The stately balsam that stands as sentinel of the night atop the hill draws every eye for miles around. For, at a glance, it seems that every firefly of summer has chosen this kingly fir tree as a refuge against the cold of winter. Each and every one illuminates the night with its’ twinkling glow. Every cardinal in the forest has unerringly found its’ way to the twinkling fir tree that stands in splendor atop the hill as Nature celebrates the birth of the Sun King. Each splash of red is accentuated by the glow of a firefly. Each glow of light reflects from the icicles draped from each branch, refracting into a rainbow of colors.

Birdsong echoes through the darkness: “He has come! He has come!” In the night sky above the fragrant balsam, a million stars shine forth in splendor while under the branches, the small inhabitants of the forest gather to pay homage on this holy night.

In the silence of nature’s cathedral, the message rings out: “He has come! He has come!” Woven in and around and through it all, joy is the dominant emotion. Even the stones cry out in praise! There is no evidence of the presence of man. This is nature’s celebration.

A magnificent balsam stands, proudly and tall, against the mountain night proclaiming: “It’s Solstice time! Rejoice! The Lord has come!”

To the Mother and to the returning Sun, I give thanks. To every heart I wish a most joyous holiday season.

Wishing you peace and joy at Yule and all through the year!

(Note: Yes, I know that there are no fireflies in midwinter – but Yule is a magickal time so allow me some poetic license here :) KR)

Katy Ravensong was born and raised in the mountains of southeast Tennessee, in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, where as a child she roamed free as a lark through fields and forests. It is there in the shadow of Chilhowee Mountain that she hopes to live out the remainder of this incarnation. She is mother of three, grandmother of eight (four by blood and four by choice). She is now a crone, married for 41 years, and is enjoying spoiling her youngest grandson dreadfully.