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January 2023 Grey Matters

Updated: Feb 4

Grey Matters

January 2023

Table of Contents

1.) 2023 Physical Classes

2.) Winds Lodge Moot

3.) New Two Wizards Talks Episode

4.) Defensors Club Seeks Members

5.) Spiritual Authority and You

6.) Monthly Class Spotlight

7.) February 2023 Astrology Overview

8.) The Wand Chooses the Wizard

9.) Travel Tips for the Weary Wizard

10.) Passing the Torch Interview

11.) Psychic Arts Department Crossword


2023 Physical Class

By Grey Matters Staff

Five classes have been selected to be offered in 2023 at GSW's Physical Campus in Whitehall,

NY. These include core requirements for all Apprentices such as "Wizardry 100: Becoming an Apprentice" as well as others.

Completing classes in-person offers a great way to accelerate your learning by completing them in just a few days, a chance to deepen your knowledge by providing opportunities for real-time and in-person communication with your instructor, and facilitates subjects that can be challenging to learn at a distance.

Because of the success of GSW's fundraisisng drive in 2022, these classes are offered at a discounted tuition of $200 each (regularly $250) and include lodging.

You will find a complete roster of the available classes, their dates, and signup instructions on the Forums at


Winds Lodge Moot February 18th 2023

By Prefect Cerberus Bindweed


New Two Wizards Talk Episode

By Grey Matters Staff

Join Headmaster Kingsley and Dean Meighen as they discuss the Ceremonial Magick Department at GSW, the subjects it includes, what it means to practice Ceremonial Magick, and the future of the Department.

Listen now at


Defensors Club Seeking New Members

By Prefect Cerberus Bindweed


Spiritual Authority and You: A Handy Introduction for Wizards

By Dean Meighen

Greetings, Apprentices and Magisters! An often overlooked topic in Ceremonial Magick is that of spiritual authority. Today, I would like to share a few thoughts on the matter that an aspiring White Wizard would do well to keep in mind. Firstly, what exactly is spiritual authority? Authority is defined, in part, as “The power to enforce laws, exact obedience, command, determine, or judge.” Spiritual, in this context, refers to the Spiritual Model of Magick – which deals with noncorporeal intelligences (aka spirits) of many kinds, as well as forces or “energies” such as those of the Zodiac, Elements, Planets, etc. Thus, your spiritual authority is your potency and ability to enact your will when interacting with such intelligences and forces. As an analogy, it’s a measure of the respect and esteem that those spirits or forces hold you in and how likely they are to listen to you. Secondly, how does one acquire authority? Well, in general, there are two types of spiritual authority: borrowed authority, and developed authority. Borrowed authority is probably the most common type seen historically and it relies on the Wizard securing the favor and support of one or more potent spirits (such as a deity) and relying on its power to back up their own words. This can often include a process of identifying oneself with the deity in question. An example of this can be seen in the Stele of Jeu, where the operator at one point declares: I am He! the Bornless Spirit! having sight in the feet: Strong, and the Immortal Fire!

I am He! the Truth! I am He! Who hates that evil should be wrought in the World!

I am He, that lighteneth and thundereth.

I am He, from Whom is the Shower of the Life of Earth:

I am He, Whose mouth ever flameth:

I am He, the Begetter and Manifester unto the Light:

I am He; the Grace of the World: "The Heart Girt with a Serpent" is My Name! Come Thou forth, and follow Me: and make all Spirits subject unto Me so that every Spirit of the Firmament, and of the Ether: upon the Earth and under the Earth: on dry Land, or in the Water: of whirling Air or of rushing Fire: and every Spell and Scourge of God, may be obedient unto Me! The other type, the developed authority, is built over time by the Wizard’s deeds and efforts. It is, in fact, their reputation (which should sound suspiciously like a reference to the Three Rules). Aspiring White Wizards are often directed to engage in rigorous regimens of practice and study, much like how a student musician must practice every day with their instrument in order to build their skills. This lays the foundation of one’s developing authority and reputation, as it both proves commitment and willpower as well as building skills and knowledge. Thirdly, why does one require spiritual authority? Well, one needs spiritual authority – at times – in order to be able to be respected or heeded by spirits or forces one tries to work with. Without it, some spirits may simply ignore your call, refuse to help you, or even lash out against you. Of course, not all spirits or forces will recognize and respect the same authority, so that is something a wise Wizard must take into account. For example, a naga spirit of Eastern traditions like Hinduism or Buddhism may well have different expectations of what qualifies a Wizard to interact with it than an elemental spirit. Hopefully, this short dive into the topic of spiritual authority has proved illuminating. Do feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments below.


Monthly Class Spotlight - Wizards of History 101: Archaic

By Apprentice Fred

Statuette of Imhotep

This article is part of a monthly series focusing on specific classes offered at Grey School of Wizardry. If you’re not sure what class to take next, or are looking for a little extra inspiration, you’ll want to pay attention to this section. Feel free to share your thoughts and insights with your fellow apprentices and magisters on the relevant department forums as you go through these classes. Collaboration leads to greater insight!

* * *

As you pursue your studies with Grey School, you will learn and refine many skills, following in the footsteps of your instructors as well as teachers from ages past. Wizards of History 101:

Archaic, a level one class in the Lore department and the first in a series, helps the apprentice to view our world through the lens of great wizards of ages past, and encourages research into their lives and deeds. This course will require more reading than the average class at GSW, and searching for source material is an exercise in itself; however, the rewards of doing so are tremendous, and serve to enhance any future classes you will take, in every department.

Wizards of History 101: Archaic will take you from Ancient Egypt, to Greece, the Middle East

and beyond. Each lesson has a brief summary of several important wizards of that time period, each homework will require you to find more information about them, and each essay you write will require not just the raw facts you can find, but also your own interpretation of what you have read and how that information would have affected wizards and the population at-large of that time period. You will exercise critical thinking skills, and come to conclusions about our past that you may not have previously considered. At the culmination of this course, the apprentice will be able to carry these critical thinking skills forward into future classes to better obtain information and sift through hidden meanings, whether the source material is five thousand years old or from yesterday.

Wizards of History 101: Archaic is also a great exercise in citation. While Writing and Citing is not a prerequisite for this class, you will be using several references for each assignment, and must cite them properly. If you’re looking to take another course, perhaps something a bit different from the other departments, I highly recommend Wizards of History 101: Archaic. I encourage you to share your insights gained on the Lore department forums, whether you are just now enrolling in this class, or have taken it in the past.


February 2023 Astrology Overview

By Prefect Cerberus Bindweed


February 2023 is an interesting month. For those not aware, the name ‘February’ is taken from the Latin word “februa’ meaning "to cleanse." The ancient Roman calendar, which we can thank for giving us our modern calendar names, called this month Februarius, named after the festival of Purification -Februalia. This will make sense later in this article.

Personally, I don’t work with the months of the year as most do in the secular world but base my honouring of the months using astrology, specifically what Zodiacal sign the Sun rules within that secular month. As a result, you will find astrological, numerological and tarological overlaps between 2 months.

For example, the Sun is in Aquarius from the 20th of January to the 18th of February (30 days), so you may consider the first ten days of Aquarius as being ‘young energy’ with Aquarius just starting his rulership, then from the day 11 to 20, Aquarius has matured and is at his highest influence and days 21 to 30 where his influence begins to wane but still felt.

I would highly recommend for anyone to read my article posted in the Divination Department titled January 2023 Observations to get a better understanding of the year’s energetic theme and the theme for the Month of January as it links in with this month. I also discuss the first half of February in that article as it goes into the Tarot card and Astrological associates of Aquarius, considering Aquarius being this rulership from the 20th of January.

For this month, I will be focusing on the various Astrological Aspects that can be found in Feb 2023 and continuing format from the January article discussing the February Pisces (19th Feb to 20th March) tarot and numerology associations.

In the January 2023 article, we left off with the Star Tarot Card being associated with the sign of Aquarius. As a recap, the Star inspires us to seek heavenly (astrological) guidance to navigate the coming year and encourages us not to give, to be optimistic and have faith in ourselves to achieve our goals and dreams.

From the 19th of February to the 20th of March, the Sun is in the Zodiacal sign of Pisces, moving from an Air sign to that of Water. With the Sun in Pisces, this is a time when you may experience a journey involving some kind of personal sacrifice of mundane personal desires which are holding you back or causing issues in your life that you may not be consciously aware of.

Pisces is very much about following your intuition and using your imagination to discover the best strategy that will benefit you the most. You may find yourself overly sensitive and emotional at this time with a strong want to spend time in isolation to avoid life stresses whilst recharging your batteries.

An important thing to note is that on the 28th of January, Venus enters into the sign of Pisces which indicates the month of February will have strong compassionate, affectionate and tender feelings which encourage us to remove any boundaries that may be holding us back from building relationships or feeling compassion for others; however this will commence very slowly until the 15th of February where this Venus transit into Pisces can be felt strongly.

The Tarot card associated with the sign of Pisces and therefore the later part of February is the Moon, which is all about imagination, dream work and being pulled down into the unknown. The keywords associated with this card are fluctuation and confusion.

The Moon illuminates that which we may fear or try to suppress and hide from the world, that buried potential yet to be seen or fulfilled. No matter what happy face we may put on during the day, when night has come, the moon will bare all that’s been hidden usually through strong dreams and intuitive thoughts that come up from your unconscious, into your subconscious, and then conscious mind.

This card tells us we must pay attention to our intuition and face our fears to learn from them and move forward in our life, so those fears no longer hold us back or keep us stagnant. Due to these fears, our emotions may be unstable or volatile during this time so its important that when making decisions, nothing should be taken for granted, instincts should not be ignored and you should not be hurrying these decisions. It may be wise to let events run their course rather than forcing a situation that you may not be ready for.

Numerologically speaking, this month is associated with the number 09 (0+2+2+0+2+3=9). In Pythagorean numerology, the number 9 symbolises the end of a cycle and the beginning of a number which makes sense as this is the number of completions though not finality. It also represents success, forgiveness, and compassion.

Some Important Astrology Aspects (ET)

February 03 & 04: Sun squares Uranus

February 04 & 05: Venus squares Mars

February 06 & 07: Mercury sextiles Neptune

February 07 &08: Venus sextiles Uranus

February 10: Mercury conjuncts Pluto

February 15: Venus conjuncts Neptune

February 16: Sun conjuncts Saturn

February 16 & 17: Sun conjuncts Saturn

February 17 & 18: Mercury sextiles Jupiter

February 19 & 20: Venus sextiles Pluto

February 21: Mercury squares Uranus

February 22: Mercury trines Mars

February 22: Mercury squares Uranus

February 23: Mercury tines Mars


The Wand Chooses the Wizard: An interview with Salem Witch and Master Wand-Maker, Penny Cabot

By Instructor Jim “Raven” Stefanowicz

Penny Cabot

Hello, Penny! On behalf of myself and the Grey School of Wizardry, thank you for agreeing to participate in this interview, my old friend. Your masterfully crafted wands are world renowned and grace the hands of many a Wizard! As someone in possession of two of them, I can attest to their beauty and power. What initially made you want to craft wands, and what, would you say, is the most rewarding part of doing so?

Being born and raised as a Witch and artist, I felt that the best way for me to give back to the Witch Community would be through the crafting of magickal items. Psychically “tuning in” to the item I’m working on is key, as is the application of my knowledge of influence. It is vitally important that you know what you are working with energy wise.

Wands, for me, are the most fascinating tool. To watch the journeys of my wands after their creation, to watch the entities and forces associated with each wand find their people, is simply astounding!

Sometimes I connect with the Universal Mind to seek and find what the wood wants, and other times the Ancestors will come through and tell me what they would like me to create. I’ve often wondered if the Gods and Goddesses have a specific person in mind when they request my services? For instance, hearing a call from Hekate to make her a wand, then getting halfway through the process and hearing a resounding NO, because she wanted a different hound charm on the wand than the one I was using. I often get mental images of these details. Then the hunt begins for that specific charm. Fast forwarding, someone will claim the wand and then relay to me that they have that very same hound charm on their altar. In another case, a young man rolled up his sleeve and revealed a hound tattoo that he has drawn in honor of Hekate. He was shocked by the clay hound face I adorned his wand with. So for me, the joy is in the confirmation of knowing that the Divine guide me through each creative process, and that the magickal pieces are going exactly to where they belong.

Do you believe that “the wand chooses the wizard,” or vice versa? Why?

Wand after wand, magickal item after magickal item, I have been honored to see and hear confirmation that what I am instructed to create by the Ancestors and the Divine are truly for specific individuals. Over the span of 50 years, I have watched as each piece would find its Wizard or Witch. I am quite certain that wands send beacons of energy to find and draw in the practitioners they are meant for. So yes, in a matter of speaking, wands most certainly choose where they go.