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October 2023 Grey Matters

Grey Matters

October 2023

Table of Contents 1. Happy Halloween 2. Confirm Email Addresses

3. Headmaster's Day

4. New Psyche Program

5. A Proud Black Belt Karate Raven

6. November 2023 Astrological Forecast

7. GSW Dark Arts Dept Crossword Puzzle


Happy Halloween!

By Grey Matters Staff

From all of us here at Grey School, we wish you an enchanted Halloween!


Urgent - Confirm Your Email Address for GSW Updates

By Headmaster Kingsley

Well met Apprentices and Magisters, I hope this message finds you well this Oztober! Today I must bring to your attention a critical administrative task that requires your immediate action. Please visit our Grey School Class Site and ensure that the email address listed there matches the one you use for our GSW Forums. If they do not align, you must update the email on the Class Site to match the one you use for the Forums.

Please note, this is a time-sensitive matter. All updates must be completed by midnight on October 30th. This alignment is a crucial step for upcoming improvements to the Grey School experience. Your cooperation will enable us to implement these enhancements seamlessly.


1. Click on this link to go to the Class Site-

2. Update your email address to match your Forums email.

3. Save the changes.

If your email addresses already match, no further action is needed. Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated. This is an essential step in our ongoing efforts to provide a dynamic and enriching educational journey for everyone here at the Grey School of Wizardry.


Headmaster's Day

By Headmaster Kingsley

Well met Wizards one and all,

We hope that the day finds you in good health and high spirits!

We'd like to invite everyone to join us for an enchanting evening as we commemorate our very first Headmaster's Day! A day of celebration, reflection, and discovery, as we honor our legacy and look towards our bright future.

Time - 5:00 PM - 9:30 PM EST Date - November 26th

Event Schedule:

  • 5:00 PM - Opening Ceremony: A heartfelt welcome and the lighting of the new school Altar's candles.

  • 5:30 PM - Lectures on Wizardry: Esteemed faculty and Apprentices share their journeys and the impact of GSW in their lives.

  • 6:30 PM - GSW Trivia on Kahoot: Test your knowledge about our beloved school's rich history and traditions. Prizes await the most knowledgeable wizards!

  • 7:30 PM - Founder's Address: The venerable Oberon Zell reminisces about GSW's inception and shares his thoughts on our current trajectory.

  • 8:15 PM - Headmaster's Address: Join Headmaster Kingsley as he speaks on the state of GSW and our aspirations. Stay tuned till the end for a special announcement that promises to take GSW into a new era!


New Psyche Program

By Grey Matters Staff

Starting in Winter 2023, youth wizards-to-be will experience our Refreshed, Reforged, and Refocused Psyche Program!

You Can learn more about our upcoming Psyche program, as well as about GSW's current offerings at


A Proud Black Belt Karate Raven

By Apprentice Minerva

Editor's Note: This submission represents an Apprentice's lived experience of applying lessons learned on the Path of Apprenticeship to their life and other undertakings.

It was the sunny morning of the 7th of October 2023 where after only sleeping 2 hours I got out of bed and did what I was planning for weeks. I went cycling for one hour before embarking on my magickal train trip to the town that from the very first day I stepped on I felt is connected to the USA, even though this town is in the England, United Kingdom

It was a beautiful morning of cycling and every time I had the feeling that my sensei would be getting to the dojo I kept bringing myself back to my cycling.

After the hour of cycling, I took my bike on the train and I began my magickal journey. My train was heading towards a very sacred place for me, what I like to see as the Grey School of Wizardry's castle.

Only a few people were there when I arrived and after I changed into my Karate gi, more and more people arrived.

My sensei approached me and tied my belt properly so it would not untie during the two hours Karate course not related to my grading that it was going to take place before my Black Belt Karate exam.

As my sensei tied my belt, he told me that he and the whole Karate club were proud of me, no matter what would happen in the grading or the results. This was very meaningful for me.

Soon my sensei and I filled the document needed for the grading and my sensei introduced me to the external examiner. It was nice to meet him because he seemed friendly.

My sensei was very supportive during the course because he partnered up with me for all the exercises that needed to be done with a partner. He also encouraged me to keep thinking about the grading syllabus during the whole course which is exactly what I planned to do but I was getting too involved in the course and I was not thinking about the grading. After his encouragement, I began to review all the combinations and katas as well as the mantras that I connected to each combination and kata. On my own, at home I studied the combinations by heart and I also linked them to mantras so the mantras would protect me from intrusive and negative thoughts that often bother me and upset me when I perform the combinations and katas.

The course came to an end and I did what I needed to do. I cleaned my energy with one of the cleansing techniques that I learned in the class Core Energy Practises 101.

My grading was going to be private as an adjustment for my autism. That meant that everybody that came for the course started to leave the room so only the examiner, my sensei and I would be in the room.

As people were leaving, each one of them was wishing me good luck or saying a word or an expression of encouragement to me so I would perform my Karate in a successful way.

Soon in the room were only the people closely involved in the grading and I visualised that I was in the Great Hall of the Grey School of Wizardry with the fire torches on the sides and the Society of the Four Winds banner shining more brightly than the other lodges' banners.

I was called by my sensei to the front of the table that it was set for the grading were the examiner and my sensei were located, and we all did a polite bow before we began the grading.

The examiner gave me the same advice that my sensei just gave me after the Karate course, he recommended that I would do my best and so I did.

As my sensei was naming the combinations and katas in Japanese, I did them to the best of my ability and just as I trained at home and practised in the dojo, I kept repeating the mantras that were connected to each one of the combinations and katas as I performed them and thanks to this I actually enjoyed the exam as I was fully protected from negative and intrusive thoughts. My body was fully focused on performing at an excellent level and the mind was focused on saying the mantras in synchronisation with the attacks and blocks. Therefore, I made the grading truly sacred.

When I finished the grading syllabus and fought the kumite part with my sensei and I performed the katas, the examiner called me to give me feedback and the result of my grading.

The examiner said that my level of Karate was beyond what it was expected for a Shodan (1st Dan - Black Belt). He then continued saying that I am fast, sharp, I have a great spirit and I finish completely each block and attack of the combinations. This is the part of Karate that is called Kihon. Then he explained that I show my understanding of contraction and expansion in Kumite in an excellent way. And I have great spirit in Kumite as well. And finally, for the Katas, I did three because my sensei knows that I love a 4th Dan kata called "Hangetsu" and he asked me to perform it for fun after I did the two required Katas for the grading. The examiner said that I performed the two katas that were evaluated for the grading at an excellent level, the level he always expects from people grading for Black Belt, but everybody disappoints him, except me. I reached the level he always expects for people grading for Black Belt. He said that the rhythm of my "Bassai Dai" was of a much higher grade than a first Dan and that my second Kata, "Tekki Shodan", was light, and fluid as he always expects from people grading to become a Black Belt but then again, people tend to disappoint him. He was extremely happy that I did not disappoint him. He said that my grading was the best grading he has seen for a while and that I am at a level way beyond first Dan (first level of Black Belt).

After our final polite bow, my sensei took a Black Belt that he wanted to offer me, the Black Belt of his fourth Dan (fourth level of Black Belt). He said I could keep it or do whatever I wanted with it, that it was mine. This black belt has his name written in Japanese and it is beautiful and precious for me. I feel very honoured because he offered it to me. We took a picture (the examiner, my sensei and I) and I hugged one of my sensei's friend who supports me and my sensei who became a bit emotional.

My sensei told me that he was really proud of me and that I deserve the Black Belt more than the people that come to the club because they all live nearby, and it takes them only fifteen minutes to get to the dojo whilst I have to always take the train and it is a long and sometimes unpredictable journey for me.

My sensei wanted to celebrate my massive achievement having lunch with me and the rest of the club and people that attended the course plus the examiner and so I decided that it was an excellent idea. I really enjoyed having lunch with them as before the grading I was very hungry so it was really good to be able to celebrate with lunch straight away after the grading.

It has been a very difficult journey to my Black Belt as I started training with this club because in the previous club I used to belong, I was kicked out because I have autism and I had autism meltdowns and I was told by email not to ever come back again to the club and I could not even say goodbye to the many friends I had in that club. My dream was to become a black belt with the sensei and club that I started with as a white belt but that sensei did not allow me to fulfil my dream and he kept sending me to online classes because he believed I was not able to attend physical classes in other club. However, after living in fear and depression because of not being allowed to train with my original club, four months later I gathered the strength and courage to give a try to this new club and the Grey School helped me greatly with that because I came back to the Grey School when the trains were on strike or not working properly when I was trying to attend the classes in the new club. I had the strong call to come back to the Grey School of Wizardry. It was amazing because the Grey School became my safe place when things were going wrong for me and it keeps being my safe place all the time now. Thank you Grey School for your existence. I am a proud Black Belt Karate Raven.


November 2023 Astrological Forecast

By Grey Matters Staff

As we find ourselves in the midst of November, it's time to anchor ourselves in the whirlwind of life's chaos. October brought its share of turbulence, but fear not, for your November 2023 horoscope is here to provide cosmic guidance for your journey.

The upcoming month won't be a walk in the park, my friends. Brace yourselves for a mission that calls for stealthy self-discipline. The year has been nothing short of a cosmic rollercoaster, with Saturn's shift into Pisces, Pluto's dance between Capricorn and Aquarius, the summertime retrogrades of Venus and Mercury, and last month's eclipse season. Had enough of the celestial drama yet?

Now, let's talk extremes in your November 2023 horoscope. With the Sun and Mars both traversing Scorpio until November 22 and 24, respectively, expect intense focus. But beware, this combustible combo can exacerbate tunnel vision—a trait that's already caused plenty of fragmentation this year.

Stubborn Uranus, still retrograde in Taurus, will make its move to disrupt the peace. Watch your words and actions on crucial dates: Uranus opposes harmonizer Venus in Scorpio on November 3 and communicator Mercury on November 4. Brace yourselves for November 11, as Mars goes head-to-head with volatile Uranus. It might be a good time to make some extra 11-11 wishes, as tensions could reach a boiling point. The Scorpio new moon on November 13 continues this intensity as the Sun and moon lock horns with Uranus.

But there's a silver lining! Structured Saturn, the cosmic "adult in the room," ends its nearly five-month retrograde on November 4. As it powers forward in Pisces, compassion and healing desires awaken once more. Hidden truths may come to light, and order might start to replace chaos.

Sagittarius season graces us on November 22, helping us embrace a broader perspective. Mars joins the Archer's realm on November 24, sticking around until January 24. With the Sun and Mars in this global, multicultural sign, we'll tap into Sagittarian optimism and hope.

But (no surprises here), there's work to be done. Your November 2023 horoscope includes Thanksgiving weekend (for those in the U.S.). Saturn in Pisces will square off against the Sun and Mars, potentially bringing politics to the dinner table, threatening family gatherings. It's essential to set firm Saturn-approved boundaries to steer conversations toward mutual respect and tolerance. I

The November 27 Gemini full moon intensifies the duel, forming a T-square with the Sun and Mars in Sagittarius and Saturn in Pisces. While this lunar event encourages communication, remember that silence can also speak volumes. Are your listening skills on par with your speaking abilities? They'll need to be.

In a T-square, the fourth missing sign is sensible, analytical Virgo, indicating the need for a detailed plan to achieve a lofty vision.

Your November 2023 horoscope may leave you with more questions than answers, but these questions are meant to guide you during philosophical Sagittarius season in December. Sifting through the emotions and information this month will take effort, but it offers a chance to gain wisdom and remember our shared humanity.

Stay tuned for the cosmic rollercoaster ahead, and remember to stay grounded amidst the celestial whirlwind.


GSW Dark Arts Department Crossword Puzzle

By Grey Matters Staff

Dive into a selection of crossword answers suitable for the spooky season of Halloween with this month's crossword.

Or download a PDF:

GSW Dark Arts Crossword - Crossword Labs
Download PDF • 47KB


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